Advantages Of Home Remedies

Illnesses, or ailments, or diseases, or any kind of bodily disorders can strike us humans without much warning.  And to battle them, there are a whole load of tablets, liquids, salves and other substances created and used as medications.  However, long term use of these chemically loaded substances have a tendency to produce adverse effects, which can actually cause more harm to the person’s overall health condition.  This is the reason why more and more people have begun to experiment with home remedial methods to treat their health problems, and some even value it more than the standard methods of treatment.

What Is A Home Remedy?

It is safe to say that a home remedy is an alternative treatment course for curing diseases and ailments by using only natural ingredients and methods.  Most of the ingredients used have natural medicinal properties in them, and have been in use since the remote times.

Herbs, spices, and wholesome food products have been gaining more popularity in the recent times, since people prefer taking a more holistic approach for curing themselves off illnesses, rather than spend a lump-sum amount on conventional medicines.  And as stated earlier, the blends used, the type of ingredients that go into these natural medicinal concoctions, have all been created by people from the earlier periods.  Some of these methods have been altered to enhance their effectiveness, and such transformations were made only after several trials, experimentations and research had gone into it.

The herbs and other plants with medicinal properties were actually grown in the home gardens in the earlier days, but as people began to adapt to more modern ways of living, they have had very less time (and space as well) to tend to their own personal garden.  Again for this, some people have come up with a solution.  These natural ingredients are made easily available nowadays, with several health stores opening up to get them delivered to the common people.

The home remedial methods have proven to be very effective in treating the common ailments suffered by us humans – be it a common cold, fever, a mild skin rash, open wounds, burns, hair fall, dandruff, etc., etc.; and its use just has not stopped at that.  With more research being done currently, since its popularity has only been continuing to rise at the present times, more and more natural treatment methods are being created and followed even for treating some moderately serious health conditions, like diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems, etc.

The natural ingredients used for this purpose are usually plant based, with seeds, barks, leaves, flowers and even roots utilized to prepare essential oils, salves, tinctures, or even to brew a tea.  These are used for the trace elements, minerals, enzymes and alkaloids present within that have the ability to relieve pain and cure diseases.  These are easily absorbed by the body, but the body will use them only in a quantity that is required.  So in a manner, apart from this alternative treatment method being effective, it is also one of the safest ways to treat diseases, but only when used in a fitting manner.

The Advantages Of Proven Home Remedies

More and more individuals going back to the old ways of treating illnesses and diseases even in this period of extreme modernization is evidence enough to state that, natural home remedial methods have been providing greater beneficial results when followed precisely.  Most of the common pills used presently to treat common ailments take origin from plant based sources; for example, willow bark made it possible to create aspirin; eating 6 cherries provided the same effect got from taking 1 aspirin, and so on.  Hence, while there still remains no authentic written documentation to prove their effectiveness, its advantages cannot be ignored.

Some of the benefits of following home remedial methods are –

Inexpensive – Compared to the expense of prescription drugs, home remedies make use of substances and elements that are obtainable at very low prices.  In fact, one may have to go as far as their kitchen cabinet to procure the ingredients used for treating ailments at home, for most of them are usually stocked in the kitchen to prepare different types of cuisines, to flavor and color foods, for garnishing and for seasoning purposes.  For these natural elements to become effective in restoring back one to their normal health status, a couple or more ingredients are usually used in a combination laid down by our forerunners.  Even after combining the cost of all the ingredients used to make the natural medicinal preparation, it will still cost less compared to the standard medicines used for treating the same ailment.

And when the term ‘inexpensive’ is used in association with treating illnesses, it is usually taken upon to be ineffective as well.  This is not the case, for even though some time may go in bringing out the desired results, natural remedies are capable of providing the same effectiveness as prescription drugs.

No Adulteration – In home remedies, most of the ingredients used are in its natural state, or at least the ingredients should be used in its rawest form to obtain its maximum benefits.  However, while some treatments will require the use of fresh ingredients, some may need the use of semi-dried or thoroughly dried ingredients.  Even this will not make the ingredient impure though.  Then, there are some remedies that require the use of herbal extracts, especially its oil form, because of their unique energetic, biophysical and biochemical properties.

Such extracts are not processed, meaning they are not derived by synthesis or artificial modification, but by soaking in natural solutions like alcohol and water or glycerin and water.  By doing this, it will pull the chemical constituents out of the herb, preserving its biological activity at the same time, as well as its aroma.  Herbal extracts are generally used for its better absorption into the bloodstream, so that much quicker beneficial results may be obtained.

Easily Available – Procuring these natural ingredients is easy, for most of them may be growing in one’s backyard, or kitchen garden; or can be purchased from the nearby grocer’s store.  For ingredients that cannot be found in such stores, one is sure to find them in any of the leading health stores.  Such stores sell local produce, produce which are organically grown; and, wholesome food products.  Currently, there are more such foods stores and supermarkets set up in response to people’s demand.  So, ingredients even which one would not have heard of will be available in such stores.  Even the dried versions are being stocked, for there are more and more people making a request for it.  This shows that there is more awareness about the benefits of natural remedies among the masses in the present times.

Safe, No Side Effects – Home remedies are harmless.  Since all ingredients used in home remedies are derived from mother-nature, and mostly used in its rawest form, these are not capable of causing any side effects.  The ingredients used must be procured from authentic sources though – it could be from one’s own garden, or from places that are known to provide organic and fresh supplies.  Otherwise, obtaining ingredients that may have been polluted by allergens or pollens, and using them for treatment purposes are capable of producing some side effects, but even these cannot be equalized to the harmful effects derived from using prescription drugs.

Besides this, to ensure that no adverse effects are experienced, there is a prescribed dosage for every ingredient used, which must be followed precisely.  Obtaining such information too needs to be from reliable sources, from knowledgeable people.  The side effect produced from incorrect dosage may not bring about any dangerous possible consequences, but its effectiveness may be lowered or may not be able to produce the intended effect.  There are some ingredients though, which when its exact dosage is failed to be taken, increases the risk of observing its harmful effects.

Very Effective For Treating Chronic Health Problems – Ailments that are marked by long duration or frequent recurrences will mean long term use of medications; and long term use of prescription medicines will mean more toxic side effects.  When natural herbs and methods are employed to treat them on the other hand, it will mean there are fewer or no side effects experienced, no matter for how long a period they are used.

Besides this, the effect derived from the use of natural ingredients is almost always longer lasting compared to the current drugs used.  When the use of prescription medications is stopped, the signs and symptoms of the illness that it has ‘supposedly’ treated will slowly begin to appear; and when this happens, the treatment process may have to be started all over again.

A point to be noted, though, is that home remedies are not meant to be substituted for the methods prescribed by one’s health care provider for treating illnesses, especially the serious kinds of health problems.  They can be followed in conjunction with the conventional treatment methods in such cases, but only after consulting with their medical care professional.  This is because some of the popularly used herbs can produce dangerous side effects when used in combination with other prescription medications.