10 Wonderful Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

Home Remedies for Bed Bugs

During our childhood we have heard several stories about Dracula, who comes in the form of a bat and suck our blood. Off-course we have never believed those stories. But do you know that when you go to bed, there are creatures waiting to drink your blood once you are fast asleep? Well, don’t worry; I am not talking about Dracula, but bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that live inside bed and beddings and feed exclusively on human and animal blood. These creatures are so tiny and they feed on the host without being noticed. They are found in sleeping areas and during the day they hide in dark places such as bed frames, seams of mattresses, headboards, wooden furniture’s in the room, inside wall crakes, behind wall papers etc, and come out at night to drink blood of the host.

If you notice the sign of bed bugs in your room, it is very important that you find them soon and take steps to eradicate them immediately, or they can be all over the house because a female bed bug can lay hundreds of eggs during her life time. Now let’s see how you can get rid of them the natural way, without using harmful pesticides which can be dangerous to the health of the human and pets living in the house.

  1. Wash all your bed linins and your clothes in steaming hot water to kill the bugs. Put your mattresses in the hot sun every day for a few days till all the bugs are killed as bed bugs cannot stand extreme temperatures. You can also steam the mattress.
  2. Use tea tree oil spray. Buy tea tree oil and pour it into a spray bottle and spray the oil in every place that the bed bugs are likely to hide.
  3. Lavender Oil : Another effective oil spray to eliminate bed bugs is lavender oil. Pour lavender oil in the spray bottle and spray in all the things, clothes, mattresses, cracks and all areas that are likely to be infested with bed bugs.
  4. Use bed bug traps. You can purchase bug traps which are small bowls which can be placed under the posts of the bed, under the legs of the chairs etc. The bugs fall into these traps when climbing up or going down and get stuck. You can also wrap the posts of the bed with a double-sided tape so that the bugs get stuck onto it.
  5. Black Walnut Leaves : Keep your bed bugs at a distance by keeping dried black walnut leaves under your mattresses, in your cupboard and bug infested areas.
  6. Mix soap water and Dettol and pour into a spray bottle and spray all over the place, inside cracks, under the bed and mattress etc. This spray will kill the bugs and destroy their eggs.
  7. Baking soda : Make a paste by mixing together baking soda and water and apply this paste in cracks and crevices, under bed and mattress and all the possible areas that bed bugs may hide.
  8. Alcohol spray is a very effective strategy to get rid of bed bugs. Spraying alcohol in all the areas will kill the bed bugs.
  9. Neem Leaves: Another effective home remedy for bed bugs are neem leaves. Crush some neem leaves and place them under the mattress, bed, on upholstery, inside cupboards and all suspected areas to keep bed bugs away.
  10. Use bed bug covers to completely encase your mattresses and pillows so that the existing bed bugs are trapped inside the cover and cannot come out and new bugs cannot enter inside.

If you find bed bug shed skin, blood stain or feces, don’t panic. First make sure that your room has been infested by bed bugs and once it is confirmed, then early treatment is very vital. And remember once you eradicate bed bugs from your home make sure that you keep checking periodically for any signs of these nasty creatures.