12 Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Pets

  1. A few amongst pet owners treat the problem of ear mites with almond / olive oil. For this, it is advised to combine half an ounce of almond / olive oil with 400 IU vitamin E and put into a dropper. It is further advised to warm this oil slightly, before dripping a few drops of it inside the ears. This treatment is recommended to be adhered to for 6 days followed by rest for 2 days. Over a period of 6 weeks, this procedure will eliminate most mites, their eggs and also quicken the process of healing.
  2. A thorough shampoo is advised for the pet to prevent spread of ear mites to other locations, including the head or the tail. Any powder or anti-parasitic formulation that inhibits the mites from spreading and further infecting is advised to be applied after the shampooing and drying.
  3. A thorough cleaning of sheets / mattresses, bed / beddings and bowls / dishes of the pet, is advised apart from the immediate environment, to minimize any probabilities of re-infestation. When the pets scratch or shake their ears, they drop flakes and crusts of infected skin that often lodge in their environment.
  4. An effective home remedy against ear mites is using corn oil. To begin treatment with this medium, it is recommended to gently apply this oil inside the ear to cleanse the infected regions. Use of this oil relaxes the irritated skin, eliminates the invading mites and quickens the healing process. It is advised to follow this treatment for 3 – 4 days.
  5. A gentle massage facilitates uniform spread of the oil. It is advised to hold the ear such that a part of the thumb enters the inside of the ear, while the rest of fingers grasp it, gently but securely. Such massage frees the accumulated earwax and it rolls the remaining wax into visible debris that can be easily removed.
  6. Alternatively, temporary relief may be sought by dripping a few drops of mineral oil inside the pet’s ears.
  7. White vinegar can effectively treat ear mites on account of its acidity that assists in cleaning excessive dirt / debris and attempts to restore the equilibrium. Prepare a combine with white vinegar and twice as much purified water, in a dropper. Drip a few drops of this combine and massage it well before wiping it off. However, this method should not be used in the event of a sore or broken skin inside the ear.
  8. Another very effective home remedy against ear mites is using vinegar and olive / almond oil. It is advised to drip a few drops of vinegar in the ear that favorably alters the pH balance and eliminates the mites’ eggs. Follow this with a few drops of olive / almond oil that smothers the living mites. Massage the ear well for relieving the irritation due to the mites.
  9. For docile pets, hydrogen peroxide may be used to treat ear mites. This compound is harmful if it comes in contact with the eyes and therefore, not advisable for aggressive pets. Dip a swab in hydrogen peroxide and shake off the excess. Use the swab to gently clean the visible parts of the ear in an upward motion. It minimizes skin crusts / flakes from entering the ear canal and infecting.
  10. Another, similar solution to treat ear mites involves rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, in equal proportions. After having thoroughly cleaned the pet’s ear, apply the combine with a swab, being careful not insert it too deep and damaging the ear drums.
  11. A popular home remedy against ear mites is food-grade diatomaceous earth. A bit of this substance added with warm water and dripped into the pet’s ear with a dropper eliminate current or newly hatched mites. This procedure needs to be followed, once every day for about 30 days.
  12. Aloe vera gel is safe for use, effective against mites and relieves irritated skin when applied to the ears. It is advised to swab the pet’s ear with this gel for a few days.