25 Home Remedies for Dry Hair

  1. A unit of shikaki, 1/2 unit of each – fenugreek & green grams, 1/4 unit of soap beans and some basil leaves, dried & grinded into a powder, applied on hair control dryness.
  2. Sesame Oil is high in vitamins & minerals that strengthen hair and increase circulation in the scalp. Apply sesame oil for about an hour and shampoo.
  3. Apple cider vinegar, gently massaged on the hair prevents dryness and is more effective as compared to commercially available shampoos.
  4. Mix yogurt / honey / apple cider vinegar for application on the hair and gentle scalp massage to control dryness of hair.
  5. Milk contains protein / vitamins / minerals / fats that are nutritious for the hair and strengthen cells. Its application is effective against dry hair.
  6. A mix of fenugreek seed / olive oil / yogurt is a remedy for dry hair. Additionally, it conditions the hair as well.
  7. Egg yolk effectively treats dry hair. It is a natural moisturizer cum conditioner. Combine it with olive oil and apply for an hour, before washing it away.
  8. Coconut oil, gently massaged into the hair and on the scalp before sleep greatly aids in getting rid of the dryness that plagues the hair.
  9. Curry leaves have calcium / vitamins / phosphorous / iron. Fry them in coconut oil and apply for relief from dry hair. It’s an aruyvedic technique.
  10. 4 tbsp olive oil blended with 1 egg & 1 cucumber and applied is very effectual against dry hair. After about a quarter of an hour, shampoo it away.
  11. Bananas are a rich source of potassium / antioxidants / vitamins. A blend of 1 over-ripe banana / 1tsp coconut oil / 1 tsp honey / 1 tsp olive oil guards against dry hair.
  12. Application honey mixed with a few drops of olive / coconut oil is an effective home remedy to solve the problem of dry hair.
  13. Mayonnaise has protein. It makes hair soft and shiny contributing to their over-all health. Mixed with 1 egg & a few drops of almond oil treats dryness rapidly.
  14. Papaya has nutrients that promote growth of hair and works against dryness. A cup of each, diced papaya & banana blended together and applied, guard against dryness.
  15. Apply avocado puree mixed with some milk and a few drops of coconut / olive oil for about a quarter of an hour, before washing hair. It controls dryness of hair.
  16. Combine 1 unit of aloe vera gel with 1/2 unit of each, yogurt and coconut oil for application on dry hair, a few minutes before shampooing.
  17. Essential oils, massaged into dry hair restore their natural shine and bounce. Some essential oils that may be used are lavender, rosemary and sandalwood.
  18. Beer has protein / vitamin B that encourages hair growth and contributes to their shine. Spray some or dab it into hair for a short while, before shampooing it away.
  19. A tbsp of gelatin, a tsp of apple cider vinegar and some drops of rosemary essential oil mixed together and massaged on shampooed hair banishes dryness.
  20. A paste of boiled pumpkin and yogurt in-equal proportions, applied for a quarter of an hour, treat dry hair effectively.
  21. Castor oil treats dandruff, dryness, breakage and split ends. It works as a conditioner to treat dry hair, by moistening it.
  22. Jojoba oil & cocoa butter in equal proportions mixed with a few drops of sesame oil and applied either before or after a wash, moisturize dry hair.
  23. Itch, dandruff and fall of hair might be controlled with lemon. Lemon extract should applied on shampooed hair and allowed to stay till the next wash, for dryness.
  24. The circulation in the scalp can be facilitated by omega 3 fatty acids, for dryness. Adequate intake, ensures health of hair and minimizes itch and dandruff, as well.
  25. Warm almond oil is effective against dry hair. Some vanilla might be added for fragrance. Its application and rinse after some time, alleviates dryness.