8 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

Removing the dead cells from the lips, assists in attaining their normal smoothness rapidly. To remove the dead cells, make a mixture by combining one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar. Apply this mix to the lips and let it stay there for about quarter of an hour. Follow this with using your finger, to gently rub the mix on the lips before washing it away. This technique dislodges the dead cells on the lips.

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  1. Honey is a natural moisturizer that also has anti-bacterial characteristics. It aids in healing chapped lips. To use this method, apply organically processed honey a few times every day on chapped lips. Alternatively, honey could be combined with glycerin and applied to the chapped lips, before sleep. This remedy ensures relatively quick and satisfying results.
  2. Rose: A popular remedy for healing the chapped lips lies with the rose plant. For this method, immaculately clean a handful of rose petals with water. Follow this with keeping the rose petals submerged in a bowl of milk for about 5-6 hours. Alternatively, the rose petals may be soaked in glycerin. Subsequently, crush the petals into a smooth paste before application, several times every day and prior to sleeping.
  3. Coconut oil :Another popular home remedy for healing the chapped lips, involves coconut oil. Oil extracted from coconut, is a natural moisturizer for dryness occurring on account of the weather. Applying this oil on the chapped lips a few times every day, keeps them naturally soft and moistened. Alternatively, olive oil might be used in lieu of coconut oil for the same results.
  4. Oil extracted from castor seeds, too acts as a moisturizer for the chapped lips, though it might taste a bit bitter if swallowed or ingested unintentionally. This oil may be applied on the chapped lips a few times every day. Another method would be to thoroughly combine one teaspoon of castor oil, one teaspoon of glycerin and some drops from a lemon. Apply this mix before sleep and wash off the following morning.
  5. The cream derived from milk is rich in natural fats and hence, a good moisturizer for the chapped lips. The cream, skimmed off milk acts as a rapid healer and keeps the cracks on lips, smoothened. Apply fresh cream from milk on the lips and let it stay for about quarter of an hour before gently washing it away. The curative properties of milk concentrate in its cream.
  6. Aloe vera is acknowledged universally for its curative properties concerning skin trauma. The aloe vera plant is robust and can be grown in flower pots. The gel extracted from aloe vera leaves, applied on the chapped lips, reduces the accompanying pain and heals rapidly. Aloe vera extract does have a very un-palatable taste however, its healing properties justify its use.
  7. Cucumber, the humble vegetable, is another natural home remedy for the chapped lips. Cucumber acts as a moisturizer on account of its high water content. Taking a thin slice of this vegetable and rubbing it on the lips greatly assists in healing the broken skin. Repeating this sequence a few times every day, aids in getting relief from chapped lips rapidly.
  8. Petroleum jelly or Vaseline is the ultimate solution for healing chapped lips and broken skin. Applying some petroleum jelly on dry lips, keeps them hydrated and moist. Alternatively, dabbing a few drops of organic honey on the lips and allowing it to dry prior to applying the petroleum jelly, speeds the process of healing the traumatized skin on the lips.