6  Home Remedies for Ear Infection


Hot water bottle

Fill a hot water bottle with warm water and rest the head on it, sandwiching the afflicted ear. The radiating warmth will ease the pain and reduce the possibilities of a micro-organism infestation. Application of heat to the ear should be interspersed and not constant, for a prolonged period.


Salt / rice / sand

A home remedy to treat an ear infection, involves a very common ingredient, salt. Heat a cup of salt and transfer it into an old sock, locking the open end with a knot / string / rubber band. When this pad reaches a tolerable temperature, gently press it against the inflicted ear, for a few minutes. The heat radiated facilitates draining out of the fluid and subsequently reducing the swelling & accompanying pain. Repeat, as the need arises.

The technique could be innovated while the concept would remain same. Rice or sand could be used instead of the salt. Similarly, an electric iron could be used to heat a pad made from a towel.



Garlic is a natural pain reliever and it has anti-microbial characteristics, as well. Its medicinal properties make it an ideal substance for treating an ear infection, at home. Consuming 2-3 cloves of garlic every day aids in guarding against infections.

Prepare garlic oil by frying 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, in 2 tbsp mustard / sesame oil. When the garlic particles become blackish, remove from flame and strain the fluid. Once it lessens to a tolerable temperature drip a few drops as ear drops, in the afflicted ear.

Another method involves boiling 2-3 cloves of garlic in water for a few minutes, followed by crushing them and adding a bit of salt. The output derived needs to be packed in a clean cloth and gently pressed against the afflicted ear.



Leaves of the holy basil plant have curative properties that can be used to treat a relatively mild earache and ear infections, by easing the ear pain and decreasing infection.

Extract the juice from 4-5 crushed holy basil leaves. Apply this holy basil juice on or around the afflicted ear and avoid seepage into the ear canal. It reduces the incidence of ear infections.

Alternatively, the oil derived from holy basil may be combined with carrier oil such as that of coconut, in equal proportions. Using the derived oil, carefully wipe the afflicted ear’s periphery, twice every day. This method too, relieves the inflammation.


Olive / mustard oil

A reason responsible for an ear infection is the ear-wax getting afflicted with some kind of fungus or bacteria. It results in obstructing the eustachian tubes that might be removed by using olive / mustard oil.

Drip a few drops of warm olive / mustard oil in the cavity of the afflicted ear and allow it to stay for a few minutes. The oil will result in the ear-wax being softened and hence, easy to remove. Extract the infected ear-wax with a swab, exercising caution while inserting so as to not damage the ear-drum.


Apple cider vinegar

If the ear infection is an account of fungus, apple cider vinegar may be used to eliminate the microbe.

Combine apple cider vinegar with water / alcohol in equal proportions. Dip some cotton into it and roll into an earplug of sorts. Insert the plug into the ear orifice and allow it to stay for a few minutes. Withdraw the plug, allow the fluid to drain out and dry, using a blow dryer. Apple cider vinegar might be substituted with white vinegar instead.