8 Home Remedies for Depression


Meditation is advised by most therapist to supplement psychiatric drugs for depression. Generally, depression results from a self-centric thought process that is devoid of the ability to reflect, a vital aspect for controlling depression / anxiety / mood-swings. Mental inability to identify with current circumstances leads to a displaced sense of reality. Meditation assists greatly in restoring a sense of co-relation between de-facto and de-jour. Beginners could start with TRYING to meditate for two or three minutes at a stretch and gradually working it up.


Green tea

Green tea has L-theanine, a substance that works with caffeine to enhance the mood. Though caffeine is strictly to be avoided, in negligible quantities it activates L-theanine. This substance affects the psychiatric condition and guards against depression, on account of being able to skip the wall between the blood and the brain. It has been observed to decrease the stress levels and additionally, augment the production of the feel-good chemical, dopamine. Therefore, consumption of green tea as necessary is advised with breakfast.


Chamomile tea

Depression is in-variably accompanied with sleep disorders. It’s feeling awfully sleepy during the day and being unable to fall asleep at night. Sleep disorder, in turn may result in depression. This phenomenon has been observed to be cyclic. A specific flavonoid in chamomile has been observed to be responsible for its calming effect. A cup of chamomile tea, with milk and organic honey induces sleep and the smell of lavender, ensures a restful one. Thus, it is advised to consume chamomile tea about 30 minutes before sleeping.


St. John’s wort

St. John’ wort is used to treat depression in another home remedy for depression. This herb has been observed to benefit several nervous conditions ranging from mild to moderate disorders. St. John’s wort has hypercin that influences neuro-transmitters that increase the levels of serotonin. This function is similar to that of Prozac. This herbaceous plant has various other substances that have anti-depressant effects. However, St. John’s wort could interact with other prescription drugs and hence, should be consumed under medical supervision.


Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of fat and magnesium that assist in decreasing the incidence of depression on account of their overall impact on health and wellness. Pumpkin seeds also provide an amino acid, L-tryptophan that facilitates generation of the chemical serotonin which has the same effect as prescription drugs for treating depression. Hence, it is advised to consume a bowl of pumpkin seeds every day for guarding against depression. They taste nutty and are pleasant to eat, though a pinch of salt may be sprinkled on them.



Magnesium is one amongst the most prominent minerals in humans. It is derived from dietary intake and being a co-factor in major enzyme systems, is vital for regulating various crucial bio-mechanical processes. In absence of magnesium it would be impossible to synthesize RNA / DNA, regulate pulse, facilitate energy and stabilize neurons. Generally, current dietary trends compromise on this mineral and it is also exhausted on account of stress. Humans require nutritional supplements of magnesium apart from dietary intake.


To augment magnesium supply, intake of following foods is advised,

– An ounce of roasted almonds / cashew nuts                                 – A medium sized banana

– A half bowl of spinach, boiled                                                   – A glass of soymilk


Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex group of nutrients facilitate formation of factors that affect the brain such as serotonin / dopamine / epinephrine. A deficiency of this vitamin results in disabling vital brain functions. The elderly, vegetarians and those with digestive problems do not readily absorb B vitamins. It may be derived from,

– Fish                                                                                                                – Turkey

– Shellfish                                                                                                         – Swiss cheese

– Cooked spinach                                                                                                – Bell peppers



Exercise stimulates the brain and guards against depression. It facilitates secretion of endorphins that contribute to the happiness and feel-good quotient. It explains why energetic pets are often advised as a solution inter-alia, for treating depression. Such pets in-variably demand exercise.