8 Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

What are ear mites amongst cats

Ear mites are small parasites that live and breed in a pet’s ear canal. They get a steady diet of blood / cell fluids / skin debris and a relatively protected environment. Ear mites result in itching on account of moving around and result in the pet attempting to scratch the irritation away, with hind legs. Often it leads to raw skin or even sores.


Primary reasons why ear mites are difficult to eradicate

Attempting to treat an ear mite infection amongst cats is effective only if their skin flakes / crusts are disabled from re-infesting, by thorough washing. Also, keeping their immediate surroundings sanitized is of assistance.

Earwax shields the ears’ against various infections. However, excessive wax protects the eggs of mites by enveloping them against medications and hence, the cat’s ears’ need to be massaged gently to dislodge / soften it adequately.

If there are any other pets around the house, it is advisable to check and medicate them for an ear mite infection, as well. Other pets may become a reservoir for mites to survive on while one amongst them is being treated.


The home remedies for treating ear mites

  1. The occurrence of ear mites amongst cats can be treated by using anti-flea powder. Such powder is not just effective against fleas’, but also against most parasites. Dust the cat’s ear with this medicated powder or turn it into a smooth paste with a few drops of water for application.
  2. For cats that cannot tolerate liquids being applied inside the ears, petroleum jelly may be used against mites. A gentle massage of the ear with Vaseline suffocates the mites and ensures an un-conducive environment for their eggs. This procedure is advised to be followed for a few days.
  3. Another surprising remedy against ear mites is Vicks Vapourub. Daily application of this medication inside the cat’s ear suffocates the mites. After a thorough cleaning of the infected ear, a re-application is advised and the treatment is recommended for 2 – 3 weeks at a stretch.
  4. A hand sanitizer is a good option for treating ear mites affecting cats. The sanitizer not just eliminates the microbes but the alcohol in it also aids in killing the mites. A few drops of hand sanitizer massaged regularly in the cat’s ears’ eliminates living and newly hatched mites. However, this compound should not be used on broken skin or one that has sores.
  5. A home remedy against ear mites amongst cats can be prepared with 8 – 9 drops of the root extract from yellow dock and a spoon of water. Pouring a few drops of this solution inside the cat’s ear, with a dropper aids in eliminating living mites and inhibiting their multiplication, over time.
  6. The ear mites affecting cats can be treated with a combine of apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Combine both the ingredients in equal proportions and with the aid of a dropper drip a few drops inside the infected ear. Gently press the ear flap shut and hold the cat, else it will shake off the solution.
  7. A home remedy for treating ear mites amongst cats may be prepared by soaking crushed garlic cloves in olive oil, overnight. The following morning, warm the solution and pour a few drops of it in the infected ear. This procedure is advised to be repeated for 3 – 4 weeks, for smothering the ear mites and healing the wounds caused by them.
  8. A home remedy that has been observed to be effective against ear mites is the use of honey. Honey has both, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Combine honey in equal proportion to warm water and pour a few drops inside the infected ear, ensuring it spreads evenly. Repeat the process for the other ear as well. Later, follow it up with cleaning.