9 Home Remedies for Ear Wax

What is ear wax

Ear wax is a normal secretion. It shield against various micro-organisms. It is also a lubricant for the ear and the ear canal. However, excess accumulation of ear wax may result in itchiness / dizziness / irritation. It may also lead to a sensation of fullness and partial hearing loss. Ear wax could be clinically removed or it could be eliminated by the use of OTC products. Though, care needs to be exercised as the ear is extremely sensitive and could be damaged un-intentionally. Ear wax may also be gotten rid of by simple home remedies.


How can earwax be removed with home remedies

– Baking soda

A natural home remedy for removing hardened ear wax is a combination of 1 unit of baking soda with 8 units of water. Drip the solution as ear drops inside each ear and allow it to stay for a while. Tilt head to drain off the excess solution and the dissolved ear wax. Later, clean with regular ear bud / swab.


Another home remedy for eliminating hardened ear wax is dripping glycerin as ear drops, into each ear. Glycerin is both, a lubricant and a moisturizer. A few hours later, clean the ear canals by a flush of slightly warm water. Dry the ears gently and use a regular ear bud / swab.


– Omega-3 fatty acids

The primary reason responsible for accumulation of excess ear wax, is deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids. Increased intake of this vital nutrient is recommended for various health benefits, apart from normalizing secretion of ear wax. It may be taken as a supplement or from foods such as flaxseeds / avocados / walnuts / sardines / etc.


– Salt water
Salt can be used to soften the ear wax. 1 tsp of salt mixed in 1/2 cup of slightly warmed water, could be dripped inside the ear and allowed to stay for a few minutes. This technique is advised to be repeated for the other ear, before being cleaned with a normal ear swab.


– Hydrogen peroxide
Being effervescent, hydrogen peroxide can be effectually used to eliminate ear wax and other debris from the ear canal. Prepare a solution by combining hydrogen peroxide in equal proportion of water, for dripping in each ear. After a few minutes clean by using a regular ear bud / swab.


– Baby oil
Ear wax can also be softened with the use of baby oil, for subsequent cleaning of the ear canal. Drip a few drops of baby oil inside each ear canal and allow it to stay for a few minutes, allowing the excess to drain away. Follow this up with cleaning the ear canals’ with regular ear buds / swabs.


– Vinegar & rubbing alcohol
A very effective home remedy against accumulated ear wax is a combination of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in equal proportions. Drip a few drops of this mix into each ear and hold for a while. The vinegar combats bacteria / fungi and prevents infection while the alcohol evaporates after a few minutes. Clean the ears, using normal ear buds / swabs.


– Warm water
A home remedy for removing accumulated ear wax is irrigating / flushing the ear canal with warm water. The water pressure loosens and drains out the ear wax. However, ensure that the water used is filtered /sanitized. This technique can be later followed with cleaning the ears using ear buds.


– Olive oil
Olive oil has antiseptic characteristics that prevent risks of infection. A few drops of slightly warm olive oil dripped into each ear and allowed to stay for a few minutes, dislodges the accumulated ear wax. Thus, it makes the cleaning of ears relatively easy using buds / swabs or a clean cloth.