9 Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

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Drumstick flowers & milk

For managing erectile dysfunction, use of drumstick flowers and milk is advised. It is believed that drumstick has certain specific aphrodisiac characteristics that enable it to treat erectile dysfunction.

Mix some drumstick flowers in a glass of milk and heat till it comes to a boil. Upon cooling till it turns tolerable or lukewarm, consume the mix. It is recommended to try this remedy for one or two months to derive its beneficial effects.


Carrots / honey / egg

A popular home remedy for managing erectile dysfunction and sexual arousal amongst men involves feeding the concerned person carrots, honey and egg every day. Mix 1/2 cup of grated / diced carrots, 2 tbsp of honey and a half boiled egg. Mix the combine thoroughly in a bowl and serve, once every day. Eating this combination for a period of 30 – 45 days at a stretch vastly improves the sexual desire and manages erectile dysfunction.


– Ginger & honey mix

Ginger is acknowledged for its vital curative properties. This natural option treats a lot of health conditions and works effectively for erectile dysfunction as well. Use 2 tsp of cleaned ginger pieces to prepare a paste out of them. Squeeze the juice out of this paste and combine it with 2 tsp of honey. Intake of the combined mix, thrice every day for a period of 1 month, yields effective results.


– Dried dates & nuts

The body derives strength from dried dates. They are also believed to be capable of heightening the sexual drive amongst humans. Prepare a combination of dried dates / pistachio nuts / quince seeds / almonds in equal quantities and grind them into a powder. Mix some of this powder in a glass of milk and drink it every day to get beneficial results.


– Black raisins

Black raisins are believed to be effective in increasing the sexual vigor. Take approximately 30 grams of high quality black raisins and clean them with lukewarm water. Put these raisins in 200 milliliter, or a glass, of milk and bring it to a boil. The raisins will absorb some of the milk and enlarge. Eat these raisins and drink the milk. Intake of this combination, thrice every day, yields noticeable results.


– Lady’s finger & candy sugar

Lady’s fingers are also believed to be a vegetable that heightens sexual desire amongst humans. Take 5 grams of lady’s finger roots and grind it into a fine powder. Mix this powder in a glass of warm milk and churn in 2 tsp of candy sugar. Drink it every day for managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


– Asparagus roots

Dried roots of asparagus, also called white musli, are popularly believed to be an aphrodisiac by nature that cures erectile dysfunction.

Take 15 grams of dried roots of asparagus and mix them in a glass of milk before bringing to a boil. Once it becomes tolerable or lukewarm, drink it. Drink this twice every day to notice a difference.



Garlic has antiseptic properties and augments the immune system as well. It is believed to naturally cure sexual impotence and improve the performance.

Consume 3 – 4 garlic cloves every day to derive its beneficial qualities. Garlic bread made from whole grains also impacts the sexual desires.


White onions

Onions are popularly believed to have aphrodisiac qualities. They also contribute to enhancing libidos.

Take a white onion. Peel and crush it to pulp. Subsequently, fry this pulp in 1 tsp butter and after frying; add 1 tsp of organic honey. Consume this curative mix on an empty stomach. Regular intake will result in noticeable difference in attitude towards sex.