9 Home Remedies for Eye Sty

What is an eye sty

An eye sty is an acute infection of the eyelids. It signifies inflammation of the concerned oil glands that manifest as a pimple on the eyelid. It may ultimately accumulate pus and later ulcerate. Alternatively, it is clinically called hordeolum.

Eye sties occur due to the blockage of the oil glands on account of dust particles or make-up debris that facilitate a bacterial infection. Mostly, though not always, eye sties signify an infection with staphylococcus bacteria.

A medical condition known as blepharitis that results in inflammation of the eyelid follicles, increases the risks for eye sties. Other reasons responsible for eye sties are poor hygiene, hormonal changes and abnormal stress.


Eye sties result in,

– Pain                            – Swelling                                 – Tenderness                               – Burning

– Itch                            – Difficulty blinking       – Photo sensitivity                      – Mucus discharge


Generally eye sties accumulate pus and appear to be like a pimple. They generally form on the outer edge of the eyelids’, though they may also manifest in the inner eyelids’. Eye sties are very painful but do not indicate an ophthalmic consultation. After causing a lot of discomfort, sties might subside themselves without any external assistance. There are some simple home remedies that may ease the associated pain / diminish discomfort and quicken the healing process.


Common home remedies for treating eye sties

– Goldenseal

A home remedy for treating eye sties involves the root of goldenseal. The juice extracted from this root, mixed with water may be used as an eye-drop. Dripping a few drops of this mixture in the irritated eye, a few times every day, heals and shortens the recovery.

– Vegetable slices

An eye sty could be treated with covering the afflicted eye with slices of vegetables. It is vital to slice fresh vegetable like potatoes, leeks, cucumbers, beetroots, etc. for this procedure, to derive maximum benefits.

– Coriander Seeds

An effective home remedy for treating eye sties is boiling coriander seeds in water. Once the strained water has cooled, it should be used to rinse the affected eye. This technique can be followed 4 -5 times every day.

– Guava, acacia & tea leaves

Another effectual home remedy for treating an eye sty is boiling some guava, acacia and tea leaves in water. After straining and subsequently cooling, the water can be dabbed on the inflamed eyelid. This technique decreases the associated swelling.

– Clove oil

To reduce the inflammation resulting from an eye sty, application of clove oil on the affected eye has been observed to assist. In fact, application of clove oil is acknowledged to be a very effective remedy against eye sties.

– Garlic juice

A popular home remedy for treating eye sties, is application of garlic juice with an ear swab on the inflamed eye. Garlic juice could be extracted by crushing and compressing a few garlic cloves. This technique reduces the pain / swelling resulting from an eye sty, though the garlic’s vapors might be uncomfortable initially.

– Dandelion / chamomile tea

Another popular home remedy for treating eye sties is regular consumption of dandelion tea. Alternatively, any tea bag soaked in cool water and put on the infected eyelid assists in deriving a rapid solution. Lemon grass or chamomile tea bags provide a faster and effective outcome.

– Egg white

A cure for eye sty is extracting egg white and covering the affected eye with it. This technique needs to be administered 3 – 4 times every day for noticeable results.

– Aloe vera gel

The gel derived from aloe vera plant might be harnessed to home remedy eye sties. Application of aloe vera gel on the afflicted eyelid aids in rapid and effectual treatment of eye sties.