Aloe vera & Fruit Juices as Anal Fissure Home Remedies

What is an anal fissure

An anal fissure is a very uncomfortable occurrence. It signifies a skin injury inflicted around the anus. It results in a stinging pain while passing stool or the affected skin being stretched. An anal fissure might lead to an embarrassing itch and also bleed due to the friction caused by hard stools. It may worsen on account of being infected due to the feces. Generally, an anal fissure results due to chronic constipation or other bowel problems. Usually, it affects adults, though it may occur amongst children as well. Amongst children, an anal fissure could lead to rectal bleeding. However, an anal fissure is not an alarming condition and may be treated by simple home remedies.

How can anal fissures be treated with home remedies

– Hydration

It is vital to stay hydrated for aiding the digestion and softening the stools. Consumption of fluids minimizes the risks for constipation and thus, guards against anal fissures. Increased intake of water facilitates elimination of toxic substances and hence prevents any infections from afflicting the site of anal fissures.

– Fiber

The primary reason responsible for anal fissures is constipation. It is recommended to increase the consumption of fiber to minimize the risks for constipation. Fiber aids in adding volume to stools and softens them. Softer stools, in turn, exert less stress on the orifice. Fiber could be sourced from leafy vegetables, whole grains and fresh fruits.

– Sitz baths

To ease the pain arising due to anal fissures, it is recommended to administer a sitz bath. After having passed a stool, it is advised to undertake this procedure for a few minutes. A bit of salt may be added to the warm water used for sitz bath and the exercise should be followed with patting dry the affected area.

– Laxatives

A simple home remedy for treating anal fissures is consuming laxatives. Constipation and straining should be avoided, as they might further aggravate the anal fissures by tearing them. Laxatives assist by softening the stools and easing the accompanying pain. However, a physician should be consulted before consuming laxatives.

– Fruit juices

It is advised to consume fruit juices for treating anal fissures. These juices aid by reducing the stress on the digestive systems and easing the bowels. Alternatively, instead of juices, fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, bananas, papayas, oranges, mangoes, etc. might be consumed.

– Aloe vera

A simple solution to resolving anal fissures, is applying some aloe vera gel on the affected area. Aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory agents and comforts an irritated skin. It is advised to dab aloe vera gel around the rectum or administer a compress. Either remedies ease the accompanying pain and quicken the recovery.

– Olive oil

Another remedy to treat anal fissures is the application of olive oil on the affected skin. Olive oil softens the stools and keeps the affected site moisturized. Additionally, it also reduces the embarrassing itch accompanying anal fissures. This procedure is advised to be administered on a need basis.

– Petroleum jelly

The aggravating factors for an anal fissure are hard stools and stress on the rectum. Hard stools could result in even bleeding sometimes. Thus, there is a need for lubricating the orifice to minimize the aggravation of the problem. Petroleum jelly lubricates the aggravated site and keeps the skin moist.

– Wheat germ oil

A solution to anal fissures lies in wheat germ oil. It reduces the recovery period by speeding the healing of broken skin. It is advised to apply some wheat germ oil on the injury and after it has been absorbed, cleaning the area with a soft and gentle tissue paper. Under no circumstances, should the area be rubbed with a towel.