Aloe vera, Oil massage,Indian lilac as Baldness Home Remedies

– Health & nutrition

The overall health is dependent on the nutritional content of the diet. The health and pattern of the growth of hair, reflect the nutritional intake. The hair are composed of proteins and are alive at the follicles. Similar to other organisms, they need nutrition for growth and development. Thus, it is essential to ensure nutrients that complement hair.

– Proteins are the building blocks of hair shafts and are hence, essential.

– Vitamins A / B complex / C / E, each play a vital role. Vitamin B complex enhances hair growth and vitamin C guards against un-timely graying.

– An iron deficiency results in a rapid hair loss that is commonly witnessed amongst anemics.

– It is important to consume fluids regularly to ensure adequate hydration.

– It is vital to abstain or avoid consuming caffeine as it exhausts the nutrients.

For the sake of healthy hair, the scalp should be kept clean and free of chemicals. That can be managed effectively by the use of herbal hair products.

– Aloe vera

Aloe vera extracts are very healthy for the hair. Its juice or gel prevents hair loss arising on account of a dry / irritated scalp. Additionally, it also balances the acidity levels of the scalp. It is advised to massage the crown with aloe gel and wait for a few hours before washing it with lukewarm water, twice or thrice each week. An anti hair fall shampoo could be prepared by stirring aloe gel, coconut milk and wheat germ oil.

– Oil massage

An oil massage of the crown reinvigorates it. Using warm oil facilitates blood circulation in the scalp. Especially, coconut oil could prevent hair loss. Other oils that could be used instead, could be those of jojoba / almond / lavender / mustard. Jojoba oil is particularly recommended as it supplements the sebum on the crown and prevents dryness that results in dandruff.

– Coconut milk

Coconut milkĀ is advised for treating baldness. It generously nourishes the hair tissue and thus, prevents hair loss. Finely grate a coconut for grinding and subsequent squeezing, for deriving coconut milk, to be massaged on the crown.

– Indian lilac

Indian lilac alternatively known as margosa or neem has various medicinal properties, including those for the skin and detoxification. Additionally, its astringent effect guards against lice and wards off dandruff. It is advised to boil some neem leaves, almost till the water is saturated and rinsing the hair with the derivative, once each week.

– Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry alternatively known as amla is recommended for preventing hair loss. It is advised to fry dried amla pieces in coconut oil till the oil turns black and massaging the crown with it. Alternatively, it could be made into a paste with shikakai powder and applied on the scalp for a few minutes before washing it away.

– Curd

Curd harmonizes the acidity levels of the scalp and thus, ensures overall hair health and prevents baldness. It is advised to blend together 2 tsp of black pepper powder & half a cup of curd for application on the scalp and drying, before washing it away. Honey or lemon may be used in lieu of black pepper.

– (hair) Packs

To minimize rapid baldness it is advised to try hair packs such as,

  1. Aloe vera extract combined with amla, shikakai and neem powder.
  2. Egg white combined with henna powder and curd.
  3. Cinnamon powder combined with honey and olive oil.
  4. Rinse hair with neem paste and follow with apple cider vinegar.

– Avoid residue

It is recommended to avoid any residue from accumulating on the scalp. If mousse or some serum is used, ensure that it is washed off comprehensively. Chemical or environmental residue genarally encourage dandruff and become a breeding ground for lice or germs.