California Poppy & Brahmi as ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder Home Remedies

What is ADD

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder. This condition refers to a lack of concentration and an inability to focus. It often results in mood swings that could range from absolute acceptance to total dejection. Thus, dependant on an individual’s perception, this condition leads to general problems.

How does ADD manifest

Attention deficit disorder in-variably influences the routine functions. It has been observed that those with ADD are less likely to be able to concentrate or focus. Amongst children it manifests as an inability to conduct given tasks and/or problematic association with parents / teachers. ADD is more evolved but essentially similar amongst adults, manifesting as workplace problems or relationship issues.

Generally, attention deficit disorder amongst children manifest over a period of time rather than suddenly. If this condition is not handled urgently and judiciously, it might result in array of behavioral problems over the future.

Children plagued with ADD of the in-attentive kind are rarely hyperactive though, they are unable to concentrate on a given task and get bored very soon. Such children have no trouble concentrating on something they enjoy. However, concentrating deliberately and consciously on something they do not enjoy, is difficult.

What home remedies could resolve ADD

– Brahmi

A home remedy for resolving ADD involves consuming brahmi. It soothes and tranquilizes an agitated mind. It reduces the effects of attention deficit disorder, particularly the hyperactive type. Brahmi has been observed to positively impact the thought process, concentration levels and intellectual capacity. It is especially recommended for enhancing the memory and learning.

– California poppy

Another home remedy recommended for treating some symptoms of ADD, involves using the California poppy. It is a mild sedative advised to minimize mental and psychological distress amongst children. It calms and harmonizes a hyperactive nervous system. It decreases the attention deficit disorder by regulating the mental tension and minimizing spasms. It is particularly advised for a restful sleep.

– Catnip

A popular solution for treating a few symptoms of ADD is consuming catnip. It aids in reducing the attention deficit disorder by diminishing the stress / anxiety, mental tensions and physical restlessness. It calms the body into the required sleep. It is especially recommended for colic / headache / diarrhea arising due to the stress factor. It harmonizes the moods.

– Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba has various medicinal uses. For treating attention deficit disorder, it is known for enhancing the cognition / memory / focus / perception / retention. It is responsible for multiplying the neuro-transmitters and augmenting the oxygenation process. It facilitates circulation to the cranium and guards the brain / nerves against damage on account of toxin accumulation.

– Grape seed

A solution for attention deficit disorder uses grape seed extract. It has vital bioflavonoids and some powerful antioxidants. It has the ability to transcend between the blood and the brain. Grape seed extract guards the brain against numerous toxins and the damage arising due to the free radicals. It enhances the flow of blood to the brain and augments the capillaries.

– Kava kava

Kava kava is another popular solution for treating some symptoms of attention deficit disorder. It grants relief from ADD that is not accompanied with any cognitive / mental disturbances. It has been observed to decrease the incidence of insomnia / tension / anxiety. Additionally, it fosters a tranquil sense and attempts to eliminate violent outbursts. It has been observed to significantly impact the mood and sleep pattern.

– Lemon balm

Lemon balm is particularly recommended for attention deficit disorder amongst children. This herb is mild and safe for treating depression and calming the nervous system. Additionally, it is also advised for controlling anger and aiding digestion.