Chamomile Tea,Peppermint Tea,Ginger,Garlic as Home Remedies for Leaky Gut

Those suffering from leaky gut surely know how embarrassing and troublesome this disorder is. This condition happens when the lining inside the intestines are damaged and lose the capacity to retain nutrients to be absorbed. The reduced filtration process hampers the function of filtering and stopping harmful bacteria and waste, which ideally should not enter the system. With this irritating condition, a call to a doctor is inevitable, which is an ideal step to be taken. In addition to that option, here are some very effective home remedies, which could be used to stop the leaky gut, when the condition is rather mild. If the case is severe, then doctor’s medication should be taken.

In the following spaces we are going to study home remedies in detail.

  • Chamomile Tea: Two to three cups of chamomile tea each day can help patients suffering from leaky gut as it reduces the stomach pain, bloating, cramps and flatulence. Yet another advantage of this tea is that it takes care of the anxiety created by the painful stomach. It also offers some mental relief from the stress and confusion.
  • Peppermint tea: This is another useful home remedy on leaky gut. It improves bile secretion which ensures better digestive process. The elements in peppermint tea act on intestinal walls to offer soothing effect. This tea removes the bacteria and harmful toxins from the intestines and also ensures that they are not allowed entry into the blood. This way the symptoms of leaky gut are automatically countered.
  • Fiber rich food: While spicy food has to be strictly avoided, the junk food is also a strict no-no. It is better to eat the food which is rich in fiber and is nutritious. This will prevent most of the stomach problems including leaky gut. The enzymes present in fiber-rich food attacks harmful bacteria and simplifies the digestion process. When the stomach has a minimum effort to do with nutritious food, the gut is automatically relaxed and can do its function with ease.
  • Foods rich in antibiotics: There are some foods which are naturally rich in antibiotics e.g. Radish and They are great foods in so far as the troubled gut is concerned as they have cleansing properties. The leafy green vegetables like cabbage and broccoli would help clean up the colon and so are a great help in leaky gut condition. Rosemary and cardamom are also are very good sources of natural antibiotics.
  • Foods rich in healthy bacteria: Fermented or cultured foods such as yogurt provide the intestines with healthy bacteria as it plays an important role of killing the dangerous bacteria and arrests the leaky gut condition.
  • Water intake: As is the good food important, clean water is also an important requirement of the body. One cannot deny the fact that at least ten or more glasses of water a day would ensure smooth a smooth function of all the vital organs of the body. Water flushes out unwanted bacteria and dangerous toxins from the body thereby granting a smooth effect to the disturbed gut. In addition, water ensures that body is kept hydrated at all times and also disciplines the bowel movements. One should prefer water over drinks such as sodas, coffee, alcohol and other drinks containing sugar.
  • Eat more Ginger: Adding ginger to your cuisine yields encouraging results. One can have ginger tea as a ritual. The anti-oxidants in ginger eradicate toxins, bacteria and other microorganisms which reside inside the intestines. Ginger, with its healing properties can reduce irritation too.
  • Garlic consumption: Eat a few garlic cloves on daily basis to fight leaky gut. Garlic lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure also. Yeast sometimes causes leaky gut and garlic smothers yeast effectively.