Coconut Oil,Calendula,Apple Cider Vinegar as Home Remedies For Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Home Cures For Yeast Infection During Pregnancy


The pregnancy stage can be both fulfilling and frustrating. Women have to undergo a lot of hardship during the phase. Backaches, morning sickness and feet puffiness are faced by pregnant women. One other common disorder faced by pregnant women is that of yeast infection which occurs due to fungi. Women undergo hormonal changes during pregnancy which can cause high levels of acidity in the vaginal portion of women. Here the growth and development of yeast is facilitated thereby giving birth to infections. The symptoms of yeast infection include yellow-colored or green-colored discharge and not white-colored which is considered normal. Foul odor, redness, itching sensation and swelling are the other indicators of the presence of yeast infection.

The use of antibiotics is not recommendable during pregnancy hence the natural treatment course seems to be the only viable option. Always consult the doctor before the commencement of any therapy during pregnancy including home remedies.

Home Remedies

These home remedies are considered safe to treat the yeast infection when pregnant.

  • Yogurt Remedy

The development of healthy bacteria is encouraged with yogurt which helps to counter-attack the yeast. Hence both the application and consumption of yogurt is instructed when ailing from yeast infection when pregnant. However only plain yogurt is advised here. Few bowls of yogurt can be consumed on a daily basis. Yogurt can also be stroked on the vaginal fraction with a cleaned finger. Tampons can also be used where the tampons are dabbed with yogurt and then fit inside the vaginal opening.

  • Garlic Cure

Garlic is known to contain anti-fungal properties and hence its usage in healing yeast infections can be valuable. One freshly peeled garlic pod can be put inside the vagina at bedtime and removed the following morning. A garlic suppository can also be prepared where skinned garlic cloves are wrapped in gauze and fitted in the vagina at night before sleeping and then discarded in the morning. When using the garlic suppository during the day then ensure that it is not kept for more than 3 hours.

  • Water Intake

Drinking 8 glasses of water is advised when recovering from the infectious state caused by yeast. Toxins can be removed as a result of the water therapy which further helps in revival of the body from the yeast infection discomfort.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

There are healing benefits associated with apple cider vinegar which extends towards treating the yeast infections during the pregnancy phase. The vinegar can be diluted in a cup of lukewarm water where the quantity of the vinegar is 2 tablespoons. The infusion can be sipped two times during the day when attempting to resist yeast infections through the pregnancy period.

The vinegar can also be added to the bath tub filled with water. Immerse the body in the mixture for 30-60 minutes to alleviate the itching and inflammation yeast-infection effects.

Apple cider vinegar can also directly be applied to the affected vaginal section to extract its anti-fungal goodness which can be helpful in triumphing over the yeast infection battle.

  • Calendula Benefits

The restorative nature of calendula is also a way of combating yeast infection at the pregnancy stage. Fresh leaves of the calendula plant can be obtained and then crushed to ready a paste. Apply the paste on the inflicted vagina and keep for 10 minutes before washing off the same. Follow the course 2-3 times during the course of the day for riddance from the yeast infections. Calendula lotions are also recommended to treat yeast infections when pregnant. Also bear in mind that drinking calendula tea should be restricted when pregnant.

  • Coconut Oil

The vagina can also be dabbed with coconut oil which can prove to be effective in curing yeast infections due to its anti-fungal nature. Pursue the remedy three times in a day for clearing the infection.