Comb Ava Oil,Olive Oil,Horse Chestnut Herb as Home Remedies for Varicocele

Home Cures for Varicocele


Inflammation of the blood streams within the testicles is synonymous with the varicocele disorder. Adolescent boys in the age between 15 and 25 which is the puberty age where the body gets developed can be the victims of the varicocele incidence. Here the testicles also start budding and need additional blood for their growth. The spermatic cord consists of the blood vessels such as veins and arteries and is responsible for blood to and from the testicles. When the valves within the cord are damaged then the blood cannot flow in a normal manner and starts getting amassed which results in the swelling of the veins of the testicles.

The varicocele condition can be treated with natural home remedies. Advice from a medical counselor can also be sought if desired.

Home Remedies

Follow the below-listed home cures to cure the varicocele twinge.

  • Horse Chestnut Herb

The veins can be toughened with the horse chestnut herb and their improved health can contribute in resisting the varicocele occurrence. The herb can also enhance the sperm quality in men. Extracts of the herb can be taken on a daily basis for easing the varicocele discomfort after consulting a doctor about the dosage.

  • Sea Salt Bathing

Bathing in a diluted sea salt solution is another way of combating the varicocele distress. Add 2 teaspoons of sea salt in a tub filled with lukewarm water. Now soak the body in the mixture and rest for 45 minutes for soothing the varicocele anguish. The remedy can be practiced twice daily for 7 days for relief from the sick state.

  • Dietary Recommendations

A high-fiber diet is recommended when suffering from varicoceles to improve the digestion process and for regular bowel movements. Fresh fruits as well as vegetables and whole grains can be consumed to nourish the body with fiber foods. A diet low in fiber foods can cause constipation thereby putting added pressure on the bowel veins which can lead to worsening of the varicocele symptoms.

Foods that are rich in flavonoids can also be incorporated in the diet schedule to maintain health of the blood vessels including the veins.

Other foods such as fish, poultry, fatty-acid foods and nuts can also assist in imparting nutriment to the body when varicocele-inflicted.

The water intake must also be increased during the varicocele recovery stage to aid in the elimination of toxins from the body which can be another contributing factor to alleviate the varicocele pain and swelling.

Caffeine, alcohol, junk foods, refined products and processed food items are to be avoided.

  • Supplements

Supplements of vitamin-C, vitamin-E, zinc and bio-flavonoids can also be taken daily to recover from the varicoceles form. Consult a doctor regarding the dosage. Vitamins and minerals can boost the immunity of the body and build resistance towards infections and illnesses.

  • Olive Oil

The healing properties of olive oil can also be utilized in thwarting the varicocele pang. Stroke the affected region with few drops of the oil whilst massaging the swollen body fraction. This remedy can be followed in the morning before bath and at bedtime.

  • Comb Ava Oil

Application of comb ava oil at the inflicted body section can keep the region moisturized and help in reviving the body from the varicocele condition in a timely fashion. The oil can be used three times during the course of the day to enjoy the benefits of the oil in reference to healing the varicocele soreness.

  • Other Remedies

Coconut oil can also be patted on the strained bodily portion 3-4 times in a day in an attempt to reduce the swelling. Employing the anti-inflammatory properties of rose oil is also an effectual remedy when the oil is put at the swelling junction 2-3 times in a day. The anti-fungal nature of neroli oil can also be helpful during the varicocele treatment phase when massaged in the sore genital region thrice on a daily basis.