Cranberry Juice,Apple Cider Vinegar,Tea Tree Oil as Home Remedies for Yeast Infection In Mouth

Home Cures for Yeast Infection In Mouth


Yeast infection in the mouth is also referred to as oral thrush which arises when the candida fungus grows in large numbers. The candida fungus in usual circumstances is monitored by the healthy bacteria. A weakened immune system or the intake of antibiotics can cause depleting numbers of the good bacteria. Then the fungus growth takes over thereby giving rise to a yeast infection. White patches start to appear in the mouth as well as the tongue when the infection strikes. Bleeding can also occur during teeth brushing. Soreness, trouble swallowing and burning sensation are also associated with oral thrush.

It is important to treat oral thrush in a timely manner otherwise it could spread to other parts of the body and complicate the healing process. The natural treatment course of home remedies can be tried before taking other strong medicines.

Home Remedies

Cure oral thrush by adopting the below-mentioned home remedies.

  • Tea Tree Oil

The healing benefits of tea tree oil encompass anti-fungal qualities which can be useful in the battle against oral thrush. Add 5-7 drops of the oil in 2 tablespoons of water and rinse the mouth with the prepared solution before spitting it out. Pursuance of this remedy few times during the day can restrict the yeast multiplication.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can make a valuable contribution in treating the oral thrush by restoring the PH levels in the mouth thereby facilitating the elimination of the yeast. The raw variety of the vinegar can be ingested in quantities of 1 tablespoon daily until the infection is neutralized. Diluting the vinegar in water where 2 tablespoons of the vinegar is spooned in 1 cup of lukewarm water followed by consuming the mix can also be done. Tea can also be prepared with the vinegar where hot water is stirred with the vinegar, honey is also added and the infusion is then sipped.

  • Pro-biotic Foods

Consuming pro-biotic foods during the oral thrush revival stage is also a wise choice as the levels of healthy bacteria can be maintained with these foods. Also the resistance of the body towards yeast infections can be enhanced with pro-biotic foods thereby enabling the body to fight against the yeast. Yogurt is also included in the category of pro-biotic foods and few bowls of yogurt can be eaten during the day when attempting to abolish the surplus infection-causing yeast. Though keep in mind that plain yogurt and not sweetened yogurt is recommended as the sugar content in the sweet yogurt can feed the yeast and worsen the mouth yeast infection.

  • Body Nourishment

Building the immune system is also important when tackling the oral thrush incidence. This can be achieved by maintaining a balanced diet to keep the body nurtured. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are advised during the oral thrush revitalization course. Supplements can also be taken to fulfill the nutrient requirements of the body. Multivitamin capsules can also be incorporated in the diet plan for the body nutriment.

  • Cranberry Juice

Exploiting the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal nature of cranberries is also a way of winning the oral thrush battle. Cranberry juice can be sipped to enjoy the fruit benefits. Drinking 1 cup of the unsweetened variety of cranberry juice everyday can provide relief from the oral yeast infection.

  • Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene is of prime importance in order to avoid the mouth yeast infection from recurring. Rinsing, flossing and brushing the teeth should be followed on a regular basis. Also using a tongue cleaner twice a day can help in keeping the tongue clean and free from infections.

Disinfecting the toothbrush by keeping the same in a hydrogen peroxide solution for couple of minutes can also be practiced to improve oral hygiene whilst preventing mouth infections.