Cucumber & Honey : Home Remedies for Zits

– Calamine

A simple home remedy for treating zits is using calamine lotion. It is advised to wash with soap, cleanse with astringent and subsequently apply calamine lotion on the affected area, before sleeping. It enables the skin to breathe for a few hours.

– Honey

On account of its antibiotic characteristics, honey eliminates the bacteria resulting in pimples. Additionally, it also acts as a moisturizer. It is advised to apply honey over the affected area and allowing it to be absorbed or leaving it on while sleeping.

– Peppermint

The menthol in peppermint calms and relieves a stressed skin. It decreases the redness and irritation due to the pimples. Additionally, its antiviral and antibacterial characteristics assist in eliminating the microbes that result in pimples.

– Cucumber

A cucumber naturally cools and relaxes the skin. Additionally, it is a rich source of potassium and vitamin A, C & E. Grating a cucumber and applying it on the skin as a mask for some time, clears the bacteria and unclogs the pores.

– Basil

The medicinal value of basil leaves is well acknowledged. Washing the affected area with the juice extracted from basil leaves and leaving it on during sleep, assists in eliminating the pimples.

– Orange

Both, the peel and the juice of oranges, assist in eliminating pimples. It is advised to wash the affected area with warm water to dilate the pores and massage the peels or splash on the juice, before washing with normal water.

– Papaya

Papaya exfoliates the skin and additionally has papain that inhibits the formation of pus. It is advised to wash the affected area with soap before applying the paste of papaya and following up with adequate moisturizing.

– Banana

Both, a banana and its peel can be used to treat zits. The fruit contains lutein, a potent antioxidant that ensures cellular generation and decreases the inflammation. It is advised to massage a crushed banana or its peel, in circular motion over pimples.

– Lemon

A simple home remedy for treating zits involves applying a drop of lemon juice n the pimple. Another solution is to add some cinnamon powder to a few drops of lemon juice for application on the pimple. Lemon may sting, but it actually is very effective.

– Cinnamon

1 tsp of each, cinnamon powder and honey, mixed together make an excellent cure for zits. It is advised to apply this paste on the pimples, before sleep and washed away the next morning.

– Garlic

The medicinal value of garlic includes its antibacterial characteristics. Extract its juice from crushed garlic and dilute it with some water or aloe vera juice for application on the pimples. Alternatively, include garlic in meals regularly.

– Egg

Eggs are a rich source of protein. It is advised to extract egg white from an egg for application on the pimples. It could be washed away, once it has been absorbed after sometime.

– Baking soda

Baking soda has numerous medicinal properties. A small amount of baking soda may be mixed with water and applied on the pimples for a rapid solution. However, it should not be allowed to stay on for too long as it may result in dryness.

– Apple cider vinegar

An effective home remedy that guards against zits is apple cider vinegar. Apply it directly on to the pimples for eliminating the causative microbes and preventing their further spread.

The primary reason responsible for developing pimples is lack of adequate hygiene. Washing regularly with soap, using astringent sometimes and avoiding the urge to touch them not just cures them, but also prevents their further spread.