Cucumber,Cool Water,Sunscreen as Home Remedies For Windburn

Home Cures For Windburn


Skin exposure to the sun and wind can be responsible for drying the skin which gives rise to the windburn incidence. Intensive skin contact with sunlight can be responsible for sunburn and the effects of the cold breeze can be drying which can worsen the sunburn condition thereby giving birth to the windburn disorder. The topmost layer of the skin can be stripped of oil which leads to drying of the skin. Soreness, redness and blisters are the indicators of the windburn domination.

The natural treatment course can assist in recovering from the windburn damage. These include the adoption of home remedies which when followed can be useful in resisting the windburn condition.

Home Remedies

The below-listed home remedies can be useful to prevent windburn injury.

  • Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear when stepping out in the cold can thwart the windburn prevalence. Gloves can be worn to protect the hands, putting a cap can keep the ears and head covered, wrapping a scarf can provide shelter to the neck and donning a face mask can be helpful in covering the face. Goggles are a method of shielding the eyes from the brutal wind.

  • Apply Sunscreen

It is a myth that sunscreen should be used only during the summer. It is vital that sunscreen be used all the year round including winter to defend oneself against the sun radiation. Sunscreen can prevent the skin from drying and hence its application is advised on a daily basis.

  • Skin Moisturizer

Keeping the skin moisturized is another way of fighting the windburn bruises. Petroleum jelly can be stroked on the face as it can prove to be an effective windshield. Lotions containing shea butter, beeswax and / or shea butter can also be beneficial in this context. Aloe vera gel also reserves the ability to nourish the body and can be applied on the inflicted body portion.

Also protect the lips by keeping them moist with the help of lip-balms. Lip ointments with sunscreen and SPF can be procured from stores. Their application can nurture the lips whilst opposing the windburn state.

  • Cool Water Therapy

Taking a bath in cool water is also recommended for soothing the body from the windburn distress. Hot or cold water is a strict no-no. The water temperature should neither be hot or cold.

The addition of 1 cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath water in a tub is also advised when suffering from windburn. Soaking in the diluted mixture for 30 minutes can alleviate the windburn sore.

Cool compresses can also be handy in the combat against windburn. A cloth can be dipped in cool water and rubbed on the body for few minutes for relief from windburn.

  • Cucumber Cure

The cooling properties of cucumber can also be utilized when windburn-inflicted. Also the fact that cucumber is an analgesic and antioxidant agent can assist the windburn treatment course. Cucumbers can be chilled in the refrigerator and then they can be blended in a mixer for a paste. The ready paste can be put in the tender skin portion and allowed to dry. Washing the paste from the face can then be followed. This remedy can help in lowering the burning feeling.

  • Moisturizing Soap

A moisturizing soap is also a useful tool when faced with the windburn crisis. Avoid the usage of an anti-bacterial soap as they can tend to increase the soreness. Work up a lather with the soap with wet hands and foam the windburned fraction. The soap can then be rinsed with cool water. Thereafter use a clean towel to pat dry the body.

  • Elevation

Resting the blistered hands and feet on a pillow in an elevated position can minimize the windburn swelling. Lounging on the sofa can be accompanied with a pillow below the feet. Cushions can come handy when placed under the arms.