10 Home Remedies for Dandruff


  1. The leaves of Neem have anti-fungal characteristics and hence, prevent the growth of dandruff causing stimuli and reduce the associated itching. A few leaves from this tree, blended into a smooth paste and applied on the hair for about an hour facilitate removal of the skin flakes and eliminates the fungus. It is an effective natural remedy for treating dandruff and has been observed to be more effective as compared to commercially available shampoos. However, Neem has a very strong smell that lingers on.
  2. Fenugreek is a spice, popular in South Asia and for its medicinal significance. The seeds of fenugreek are a rich source of amino acids / protein that prevent the skin on the scalp from flaking. It also has high volumes of a natural emollient, lecithin that strengthens the hair and its leaves soften the hair without the artificial compounds in most conditioners. Using fenugreek for dandruff would involve soaking its seeds overnight and blending them into a smooth paste the following morning, for application.
  3. An effective solution for getting rid of dandruff is washing the hair with apple cider vinegar / white vinegar, instead of some anti-dandruff shampoo. Vinegar has anti-fungal characteristics and its fungicide properties prevent fungal growth on skin flakes. It also facilitates removal of the excess skin on the scalp that may shed as dandruff or block the pores and result in more dandruff. However, the smell of vinegar lingers on in hair, for some time or till another wash.
  4. Baking soda is a popular ingredient in holistic and modern medicine. Application of baking soda in lieu of anti-dandruff shampoos exfoliates the skin on scalp and facilitates removal of the abnormal skin flakes. Its anti-fungal characteristics also eliminate fungal growth on the flakes of skin, accumulating on scalp. Therefore, use of baking soda increasingly reduces the incidence of dandruff and the dryness, if uncomfortable, may be reduced with rosemary oil that also smells pleasant.
  5. The gel extracted from Aloe Vera plant aids in various skin related disorders and also in minimizing the occurrence of dandruff. The aloe vera gel consists of substances that inhibit the rapid growth of epidermis, or the outer skin layer. It implies subsequently lesser flakes of skin & the fungus that feeds on it and therefore reduced occurrence of dandruff. Benefits from this gel can be derived by applying it a few minutes before shampooing and washing hair as normal.
  6. Exposure to sun has been observed to negatively impact occurrence of dandruff. Though it has not been documented clinically and the exact reasons remain unknown, sunlight is believed to evaporate the excess oil secreted by sebaceous glands and maintain a hydrated balance that may have been offset by the winter dryness. Restoration of the balance between hydration & dryness, reduces the incidence of dandruff, though excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays is also harmful.
  7. The dietary intake is of vital importance as it impacts overall health & wellness. It determines the health of the skin and aids in getting rid from dandruff. Therefore, eating right for a glowing crown is important. The foods that compliment the scalp are,
  8. Lean protein, derived from fish & diary and beans / nuts / etc. are vital for the overall health of hair / skin.
  9. Green leafy vegetables are rich in iron and hence, advised for the health of hair / skin / circulation. Some such vegetables are spinach / broccoli / kale / etc.
  10. – Generally, fish oils contain omega 3 fatty acids. Inter-alia, these fatty acids are extremely vital for the health of hair and skin