15 Home Remedies for Dizziness


Lack of adequate hydration often results in dizziness. Therefore, intake of sufficient water is advised to guard against dizziness.



Deep breathing offers relief from dizziness. It enables a greater supply of oxygen to the brain and therefore, pacifies the nervous system. Mentally counting to five while inhaling and repeating while exhaling, soon becomes habitual and enables the brain to function optimally.


Concentration / Focusing

Sub-consciously imagining an instance of imbalanced equilibrium results in dizziness. While experiencing such circumstances or dizziness, one is advised to lie down and focus exclusively on im-mobile objects in the immediate environment. It distracts the thought process and prevents nausea / physical injury. It also aids in gradually restoring the sense of equilibrium.



Regular exercising may prevent incidents of dizziness. Standing upright and rotating the head clockwise and anti-clockwise aids. Also, standing upright and focusing on a stationary point, assists in inhibiting incidents of dizziness. Regular exercising keeps the nervous system steady & alert, guarding against dizziness & mental fatigue.



A massage relaxes the mind & body and thus prevents bouts of dizziness. It enhances the blood circulation thereby easing the stress burdened on the nervous system. Olfactory senses might also be stimulated by using lavender / sandalwood / lemon oils.



Ginger has been observed and clinically proven to be effective against dizziness. Chewing on raw ginger or consuming it as ginger tea, stimulates the blood circulation and prevents the incidence of dizziness.



Indian gooseberry and coriander seeds combine guards against dizziness. In a paste of Indian gooseberries mix 2 tsp of coriander seed powder and soak overnight in a glass of water. The following morning, strain the mix and consume for gradual relief from dizziness.


Nutmeg & cumin

Combine the powder of nutmeg and cumin seeds. The base could be fresh yogurt and the quantities could be one tbsp of each. Add a pinch of salt and consume it thrice every day for relief from dizziness.


Mustard / vinegar / black pepper

A combination of mustard, vinegar and black pepper, each in equal quantities & a pinch of salt, enhances the blood circulation and thereby guards against a feeling of dizziness. The combine may be diluted with water, if it is too strong in taste.


– Yogurt

Apart from the benefits it lends to the intestinal systems, yogurt is also used to treat loss of balance, or dizziness. When dizziness is sensed to be initiating or during an actual episode, a bowl of yogurt assists in dispelling it. Diced fruits might also be added to the yogurt.


Pumpkin & almond

To cure dizziness combine 3 tbsp of both, wheat & pumpkin seeds and add 12 almonds. Soak the combine overnight in water. The following morning, add 2-3 cloves and blend the entire combine into a smooth paste to be boiled in a glass of milk. Add some sugar and consume for a lasting relief from dizziness.



A simple home remedy for treating dizziness is consuming a glass of lemonade. It results in increasing the glucose levels rapidly & effectively and therefore, guards against dizziness.



Another simple home remedy for treating dizziness is boiling 5-6 washed basil leaves in a glass of milk and steeping it. Add sugar according to taste and drink before sleeping for generally preventing episodes of dizziness.



Increase the consumption of garlic to treat dizziness by adding it in cooking & salads. Alternatively, boil a few crushed garlic cloves in a glass of water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Strain the liquid and consume.


– Apple cider vinegar & honey

A home remedy for treating dizziness involves combining 2 tsp of both, apple cider vinegar and honey to a glass of water, for consuming three times every day. This simple formulation normalizes the blood pressure and thus, restricts dizziness.