Fish oil & Chamomile as Adhd – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Home Remedies

How is ADHD different from ADD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Psychological problems such as hyperactivity, learning disability and poor impulse control are attributed to a deficient attention span. ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder implies a wider range of brain chemistry imbalance. It includes three sub-groups,

– ADD Combined

When inattentive ADD is combined with hyperactive ADD, it is referred as ADD Combined. This form of ADD is categorized as ADHD, on account of being associated with hyperactivity.

– ADD Hyperactive

When impulsive behavior is responsible for hasty decisions, it is referred as ADD Hyperactive. This form of ADD is categorized as ADHD, on account of being associated with hyperactivity.

– ADD Inattentive

When inattentive behavior results in disability while concentrating, it is referred as ADD Inattentive. This form of ADD is NOT categorized as ADHD, on account of being un-associated with hyperactivity.

How can ADHD be treated with home remedies

– Nutrition

A home remedy for treating ADHD is consuming a balanced diet. To function optimally, the brain and the body have differing needs for nutrition, though either compliments the other. Foods rich in protein such as eggs, soy, nuts, etc. facilitate in raising dopamine levels that enhances focusing. The symptoms of ADHD could be controlled by intake of complex carbohydrates (hi fiber, lo sugar) that regulate blood sugar, preventing its high levels from disorienting the brain. Treating ADHD requires magnesium for attentiveness that could be derived from spinach, sunflower / pumpkin seeds, etc. Irritability could be reduced by intake of vitamin B6, which could be sourced from avocados, bananas, etc. Zinc deficiency is also linked to ADHD that could be managed by intake of cheese, peanuts, etc. It is also vital to avoid any toxic intake through artificial additives.

– Fish oil

Another home remedy for resolving the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder amongst both, children and adults, is consumption of fish oil. It has been observed that a deficiency of certain specific poly-unsaturated fatty acids could result in psychiatric and developmental problems like ADHD and/or dyslexia. Therefore, it is essential to include fish oil by way of diet or a health supplement, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, or EPA, as compared to omega 6 fatty acids, or DHA. Additionally, it has been observed that consumption of fish oil enhances the memory and the ability to concentrate. Fish oil could be derived from consuming sardines, salmons, trouts, etc. Also, omega 3 fatty acids could be sourced from flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. However, a physician should be consulted before consuming any health supplements.

– Chamomile

A simple solution to ADHD is consuming chamomile tea. This herb relaxes and thus, controls the mood and attentiveness that minimize the incidence of hyperactivity. This herbal tea is advised to be sipped before sleep.

– Korean red ginseng

Another solution to ADHD is intake of Korean red ginseng. It has been observed to improve upon the memory function and guard against inattentiveness. However, this herb is still being studied and is advised to be consumed periodically.

– Green oats

Green oats are alternatively called wild oats. This herb acts like a mild tranquilizer and has been observed to nurture the brain, thereby effectively treating ADHD. Additionally, it also augments the attention span.

– Brahmi

A popular home remedy for treating ADHD is brahmi. It nourishes the brain, enhances the memory and minimizes depression. Additionally, it sharpens the cognitive abilities and guards the brain from damage arising due to free radicals.

Apart from these home remedies, it is essential to comprehend that ADHD is not unnatural. Penalizing errors rather than incentivizing correctness, never aids those suffering from this psychological disorder.