Flaxseeds ,Tea, Lavender Oil ,Yogurt as Home Remedies for PMDD

Home Therapy for PMDD


Women of menstruating age can be affected with PMDD or Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Severe cases of PMS or Pre-menstrual Syndrome are referred to as PMDD. There are hormonal alterations during the PMDD incidence and these can cause anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, sleep issues, tiredness and extreme anger. The symptoms of PMDD can be seen during the monthly menstrual phase.

The PMDD effects can have rather radical effects and it is best that the signs not be ignored. Home therapy can resist the onset of this condition.

Home Remedies

The below home-based methods can prove to be beneficial in combating PMDD.

  • Flaxseeds Cure

The nutrients in flax seeds can help in balancing the hormonal levels thereby controlling the PMDD. The seeds also rate high in fiber content and are strong detoxifying agents. These factors can assist the digestion process and soothe the PMDD discomfort. The seeds can be powdered and sprayed in dishes, salads and soups to enjoy their flavor along with the accompanying health benefits.

  • Calcium Intake

Increasing the daily calcium intake can also prove to be effective in the PMDD fight. Consumption of calcium-rich foods must be incorporated in the diet chart to nurture the body whilst warding off the PMDD pain. Milk products such as yogurt along with cheese and the spinach vegetable are sources of calcium and they can be consumed in adequate quantities. It has also been found that calcium deficiency in the body can cause PMDD and therefore calcium consumption is highly recommended during the PMDD stage.

  • Tea Remedy

The herbal properties of valerian tea can assist in combating PMDD. The valerian herb reserves the ability to relax the body and ensures good quality sleep. Sleep is essential when imposed with PMDD as sleep can boost immunity levels while resolving the PMDD quandary. Sip valerian tea before sleeping in the night to relax the mind and body.

Drinking cinnamon tea with honey is another way of tackling PMDD as the cinnamon spice is also known to provide respite from the PMDD twinge.

Chamomile tea can also be downed for reaping the curative gains linked with the chamomile herb when PMDD-afflicted.

Ginger tea can also be readied and consumed in an attempt to win the PMDD battle. The healing characteristics of ginger can best be exploited in the form of ginger tea when suffering from PMDD.

  • Exercise Benefits

Exercise can also be indulged in during the menstruation cycle to lower stress levels. Circulation in the body is also enhanced with daily exercise. The release of endorphins is also stimulated with exercise and welcomed as they are natural pain-relievers. Low-impact exercises are however advised in this context. These factors contribute in mood upliftment and tackling depression when PMDD-inflicted.

  • Lavender Oil Therapy

The therapeutic properties of lavender oil can also be utilized when recovering from PMDD. Add few drops of the oil in a bath-tub filled with warm water. Then soak in the tub for 30 minutes to alleviate the PMDD sore. Lavender oil can also be massaged on the abdomen to exploit its goodness with reference to PMDD cure.

  • Meditation

Minimizing stress levels is important during the PMDD revitalization phase. Here practicing meditation, yoga and breathing techniques can make a valuable contribution in reducing tension and healing the body from the PMDD distress. Controlled stress levels can also ease the mood upheavals thereby further aiding the PMDD recuperation process.

It will also be useful to engage in talk therapy to identify the factors triggering the PMDD mayhem. Talking to a friend or relative is strongly advised to let out the frustration.

  • Yogurt Consumption

The cure for PMDD can also be found in yogurt. Eating 2 cups of yogurt regularly can monitor the PMDD symptoms. Yogurt contains cooling properties which can fortify the mood and lessen the uneasiness.