Garlic ,Cinnamon & Papaya : Home Remedies for Zits and Blackheads

– Baking soda

A home remedy for treating zits, or pimples, and blackheads involves using baking soda, chemically known as sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial characteristics other than the ability to eliminate excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands. Additionally, it also gently exfoliates the skin by micro-dermabrasion. It is advised to blend baking soda & water in equal quantities to derive a thickish & smooth paste for massaging on the face in circular motions. Allow this paste to remain on the face for about a quarter of an hour, before washing off with warm water and moisturizing. Initially this exercise needs to be repeated every day and later, occasionally for a glowing skin.

– Garlic

Another home remedy for treating zits and blackheads involves the use of garlic. The medicinal values of garlic are well acknowledged. It has potent antibacterial agents that guard the skin against acne and attempt to lessen their impact & future occurrence. Garlic may be grated on soups or salads or meals for direct consumption. Alternatively, a few cloves of garlic may be crushed and diluted with water or aloe vera gel, for deriving garlic juice to be applied on the face. While this procedure may result in an unpleasant smell, it is a very effective remedy that guards against skin irritation due to excess oiliness that attracts microbes & dirt particles. Again, this remedy needs to be repeated for a few days initially and its frequency may be reduced later.

– Cinnamon

A somewhat messy home remedy for treating zits & blackheads uses both, cinnamon and honey. Both the ingredients have multiple medicinal values that may be harnessed for eliminating existing zits & blackheads and preventing their future outbreaks. Cinnamon contains natural antimicrobial characteristics and honey contains natural antibiotic agents. Both, working in synergy, attempt to eliminate the reasons responsible for formation of acne. It is advised to wash the face and apply a blend of 1 tbsp of each, cinnamon powder & honey. It should be allowed to stay on for about a quarter of an hour, before being washed away with normal water. This remedy needs to be administered, every day for a lustrous skin.

– Papaya

A simple home remedy uses papaya. This fruit is a major constituent in commercial beauty aids and is advertised as an ingredient in most cosmetics. However, its medicinal potential can be unleashed without purchasing OTC remedies. Raw papaya is a natural exfoliating agent and eliminates the excess oil secreted by the sebaceous glands that facilitate accumulation of dirt & microbes. Additionally, this fruit has an enzyme papain that inhibits formation of pus and minimizes inflammation of the skin. It is advised to wash the face and apply papaya pulp for about a quarter of an hour, before rinsing it away with warm water. If the skin is found to be sensitive and has a tendency of dryness after this application, a suitable moisturizer may be used.

– Orange

Oranges are rich in citric acid and vitamin C. Additionally, they have astringent-like characteristics. These qualities enable oranges to eliminate excess oil, unblock the pores and remove the dead cells thereby inhibiting the bacteria that are responsible for developing acne. Vitamin C further aids by facilitating the regeneration of fresh cells. It is recommended to dry thoroughly the peels of a few oranges for powdering and combining with some water, to derive a thick paste. Wash the face before applying this paste evenly and allow it to remain for about half an hour. Finally, rinse the face, pat it dry and follow up with a regular moisturizer. This procedure as a routine task every day, ensures lasting results.

Several remedies may be tried for eliminating the incidence of zits and blackheads. However, the primary reason responsible for them remains lethargy in washing the face and keeping it clean. Its a human tendency to just wish them away, though just hoping never alters the reality.