Garlic,Baking Soda,Turmeric,Herbal Tea as Home Remedies for Viral Pneumonia

Home Cures for Viral Pneumonia


Lung swelling coupled with fever, breathing difficulties, tiredness, queasiness and cough can signify the prevalence of pneumonia. Bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites can be responsible for the occurrence of pneumonia. When the lungs become inflamed due to viruses assaulting the body then it is referred to as viral pneumonia. This condition requires immediate attention as the bodily organs may not receive adequate blood thereby leading to additional complications and worsening of the body condition.

It is vital that a physician be contacted when suffering from viral pneumonia. Home remedies can be accompanied with the treatment prescribed by the medical consultant in order to heighten the immunity within the body.

Home Remedies

The subsequent home remedies can be useful in viral pneumonia cure.

  • Garlic Benefits

The health benefits of garlic lie in the facts that the bulb can assist in lowering the body temperature which shoots up during the viral pneumonia illness. Also its mucus-clearing properties can help in keeping the respiratory passages free of mucus which enhances the breathing process.

Garlic paste can be readied and put on the feet at bedtime. Socks also should be worn before sleeping. In the morning the feet can be cleaned with water and soap.

Few pressed fresh garlic cloves can also be mixed with 1 teaspoon each of lemon and honey and then 1 teaspoon of the mixture can be taken. Repeat the remedy 3-4 times in a day.

  • Baking Soda Cure

Baking soda is also known to have therapeutic value which can make a contribution when recovering from the viral pneumonia syndrome. Add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda to a glass containing 300 ml of lukewarm water and stir the infusion for few minutes. Downing the tonic two times during the course of the day can result in faster recovery of the viral pneumonia distress.

  • Turmeric Remedy

The remedy for viral pneumonia can also be found in turmeric. The curative properties of the spice include anti-viral and anti-septic advantages. Turmeric powder can be stirred in milk where the quantity of turmeric powder is 1 teaspoon which can be added to 1 glass of warm milk. Also mix 1 pinch of salt in the concoction and then down the mix in the night before hitting the bed. It is important to bear in mind that after drinking the milk one should not sip water for 30 minutes. Milk can also be replaced with water when looking to treat the viral pneumonia turmoil with turmeric.

  • Herbal Tea Therapy

Preparing herbal tea and consuming the beverage is also a way of reducing the viral pneumonia tumult. For the herbal tea – 1 ½ cup of water, 1 teaspoon of ginger, 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, 1 garlic pod and 1 pinch of cayenne pepper is needed. The ingredients should be boiled in a pan on the gas for some minutes. Then strain the boiled mixture. Now add 1 teaspoon of honey. Also the juice of half a lemon can be mixed in the tea. Gulp the mixture thrice on a daily basis for relief from the viral pneumonia state.

  • Ginger Juice

Shredded ginger can also be blended for ginger juice using a blender. Also mix some drops of lemon juice along with 1 teaspoon of honey to the ginger juice and then consume the ready ginger juice mixture. Ginger can help in improving health of the respiratory routes and therefore the consumption of ginger is advised as part of the viral pneumonia treatment course.

  • Basil and Black Pepper Healing

The medicinal usage of basil leaves and black pepper can also be exploited during the viral pneumonia revival phase. Here basil juice can be readied with few basil leaves with the help of mortar and pestle. Then crushed black pepper can be spooned with the juice. The resultant mixture should be nipped as medicine every 5-6 hours.