Ginger and Lime ,Tea Therapy,Lemon Juice as Home Remedies for Yellow Eyes

Home Cures for Yellow Eyes


The normal color of the sclera portion of the eye is white. Sometimes the eyes can develop a yellowish hue. Excessive alcohol intake can be responsible for the eyes turning yellow. Conditions such as malaria, jaundice, yellow fever, anemia and various liver disorders are also triggers for the eyes becoming yellow.

Consultation with a doctor is important when imposed with yellow eyes. The natural treatment course which includes home remedies can also be useful in clearing the anomaly.

Home Remedies

Apply the home remedies to minimize the yellow eyes anguish.

  • Tomato Juice Benefits

Downing tomato juice on a regular basis when suffering from yellow eyes can be helpful in reversing the abnormality. To prepare tomato juice, boil 4-5 tomatoes in a pan on the gas with 500 ml of water for 15 minutes. Thereafter allow the tomatoes to cool and then remove the skin of the tomatoes which peels off easily after boiling. Crushing the tomatoes is the next step which is followed by running the mashed tomatoes through a sieve to obtain the juice. Drink the ready tomato juice in the morning when on an empty stomach everyday.

  • Turmeric Remedy

Increasing the intake of turmeric is also advised during the yellow eyes recovery phase due to the healing benefits attached with the spice. Tumeric powder can be mixed in water and the consumed. Add 2 teaspoon of turmeric powder to 1 glass of water and stir the mix for few minutes until the mixture is uniform. Pursue the remedy three times during the course of the day for revival of the body from the yellow eyes distress.

  • Ayurvedic Cure

Adopting the ayurveda method for healing the yellow eyes occurrence is also a common practice. Here cardamoms, almonds, butter, sugar and dates are required. We need 2 dried dates, 7 almonds and 3 cardamoms which should be soaked in water in a covered bowl and kept overnight. Drain the excess water in the morning. The bowl contents should be crushed to prepare a paste in the morning. Then 2 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of butter can be stirred in the paste. The paste can then be consumed after spooning the mixture thoroughly. Follow the remedy once daily as part of the remedial program for yellow eyes.

  • Lemon Juice

Sipping of lemon juice at regular intervals is also recommended when looking to cure the yellow eyes discomfort. Lemons can be squeezed for their juice and 1 teaspoon can be consumed every few hours. Lemon juice can also be added to water and then consumed. Add the extorted juice of half a lemon in 1 glass of water, season the drink with salt and sugar, mix the glass contents and then gulp the ready drink.

  • Tea Therapy

Daily consumption of teas such as dandelion tea, oregano tea and radish leaves tea can also prove to be beneficial when battling yellow eyes. The nutrients in the teas contain detoxifying and diuretic properties which can eliminate the toxins from the body thereby assisting the liver functioning whilst preventing the yellow eyes episodes.

  • Ginger and Lime Juice

The curative properties of lime and ginger can also be extracted during the yellow eyes resurgence period. Raw fresh ginger can be peeled and blended for ginger juice. Limes must also be squeezed for their juice. Mix equal quantities of the juices and swallow the mix. Repeat the remedy as many times as possible in the day until the eyes resume their usual white color.

General Tips

  • Alcohol abstinence is essential for recovering from the yellow eyes turmoil.
  • Heightening the water and fluid intake is vital for flushing the toxic and waste material from the body.
  • Keep the body nourished with consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals to improve immunity in the body. Fruits, vegetables and simple sugar foods can be incorporated in the daily diet to enhance the liver function.