Ginseng,Citrus fruits,Coconut oil,Bentonite clay as Thyroid Nodules Home Remedies

How could thyroid nodules be treated with home remedies

– Decrease sugar

Thyroid nodules flare in the event of a compromised defense mechanism and risk of inflammation. Consumption of sugar debilitates the immune systems and raises the risks of inflammation. Hence, it is suggested to restrict the intake of sugar or abstain from it in totality. Decreasing consumption of sugar minimizes the growth of thyroid nodules and attempts to cure them.

– Restrict mucus formation

In the event of thyroid nodules, an excess of mucus could further aggravate the problem. It is suggested to adopt a dietary change that avoids foods, which generate mucus. Such items are dairy products, processed foods, fried edibles, margarine, etc. Adopting such a dietary change is advised and essential for avoiding the incidence of thyroid nodules.

– Natural progesterone

Progesterone is a hormone that is essential for the overall wellness of the thyroid gland amongst women. Shortage of this hormone could result in the formation of thyroid nodules. Thus, it is advised for women to supplement the levels of this essential hormone by some progesterone cream. Adequacy of this hormone is vital for getting rid of thyroid nodules.

– Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is a natural detoxifier and is frequently used for eliminating the accumulated toxic wastes from the system. This substance soaks the toxic wastes, cleaning the system and is un-obtrusively flushed out. It is suggested to consume 1 tsp of this substance in a glass of water, every day. Additionally, this clay could also be applied as a mask on the neck for recovery from thyroid nodules.

– Coconut oil

Studies have concluded that polyunsaturated fats might contribute to thyroid nodules. Such fats compromise the health of the thyroid gland and result in various disorders. Coconut oil is free of polyunsaturated fats. Additionally, it also compliments the thyroid gland by enhancing the metabolism. Thus, it is suggested to substitute cooking mediums with coconut oil for thyroid health.

– Seafood

The reason why seafood is prescribed for those suffering from thyroid issues is because it is a rich source of natural iodine. Regular intake of seafood ensures the supply of this vital nutrient to the thyroid gland. Seafood might be included with oily fish in meals. Both aid immensely in the health of the concerned organ and assist in warding off thyroid nodules.

– Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits restrict development of excess mucus and that aids in warding off thyroid nodules. Regular consumption of citrus fruits assist in breaking down foods that encourage the formation of mucus by effectively dissolving them. This category of fruits would include lemon, orange, tangerine, etc. These fruits also assist in decreasing the magnitude of thyroid nodules. These fruits could be eaten whole or juiced.

– Fatty acids

Regular consumption of fatty acids ensures the health of tissues and decreases the incidence of inflammation. It implies that intake of fatty acids inhibits formation of thyroid nodules and therefore, should be a part of the diet. Essential fatty acids could be naturally sourced from nuts, avocados, chia seeds, virgin olive oil, etc. In fact, nuts and seeds alone are endowed with essential fatty acids.

– Ginseng

Ginseng is popularly used in holistic medicine, particularly the Chinese Traditional Medicine. This herb has various advantageous medicinal characteristics and is often prescribed for treating ulcers on account of its anti-inflammatory nature. Regular consumption of ginseng has been observed to reduce thyroid nodules in size. Additionally, this herb is also a stress buster.

– Bladder wrack

Bladder wrack is seaweed that is endowed with an impressive quantity of iodine. Therefore, it naturally ensures the health of the thyroid gland and wards off thyroid nodules, apart from other related disorders. Additionally, this seaweed is also endowed with zinc, iron, magnesium, etc. that contribute to the overall health of the body tissues. It is suggested to make this seaweed a part of the regular diet.