Grape Juice,Dates,Raw Vegetables as Home Remedies for Quitting Alcohol

Alcoholism is an addiction.  It affects the patient, on a physical and mental level.  Though the patient knows that it is detrimental, he finds it nearly impossible to quit the habit.

It is a well-known fact that high use of alcohol, regularly,  affects the drinker in the following ways:

  1. It affects the drinker’s liver, kidneys, pancreas etc.
  2. It spikes the sugar levels in the body.
  3. It can cause serious diseases including cancer.
  4. It makes him a social outcast, someone, who is shunned by society.
  5. It causes mental depression. After the initial high which one gets due to the addiction, all that is left is a mental void with a constant feeling to quit the habit but finding it really impossible to put the thought into practice.

Here are some easy Home Remedies to Quit the Habit:

Grape juice:

  1. If you are really determined to kick the habit, start off with grape juice.
  2. For the initial period of about a month, when you have stopped drinking alcohol, drink about two glasses of grape juice.
  3. This helps in reducing cravings for alcohol.
  4. Also, grape juice being full of vitamin C, helps in maintaining energy levels.
  5. Buy good quality pesticide-free grapes, if you are making the juice on your own. If you are buying the ready-to drink juice, go for the ones which do not have added sugar.



  1. Soak about five dates in water, overnight. Deseed them before soaking.
  2. In the morning, run the mixture in a mixer.
  3. Drink this juice, without fail, every morning.
  4. Dates help in reducing the cravings. Also, being rich in  potassium, vitamin B and dietery fibre, they  help in activating and energising the brain.  The brain, in turn, releases feel-good hormones, helping the person to stick to his resolution to quit the habit.


Raw Vegetables:

  1. Whenever you get a craving to have a drink, march to the fridge and instead pick a juicy carrot. Munch on it leisurely, feeling the sweetiness of the vegetable.
  2. Similarly, you can munch on cucumber too.
  3. The time taken for munching a single piece of any of these two vegetables is sufficient to get over the craving.
  4. Moreover, you get the added health benefit of eating raw vegetables.


Indulge in new recreational activities:

  1. Indulging in new, brainy and recreational activities helps the mind in being diverted from the bottle.
  2. Learn to play an instrument or learn a new language which is entirely alien to you.
  3. Set a target number of days, usuallly a short period, to learn the same.
  4. This keeps the brain occupied for several days, intensely, in pursuit of the new goal.
  5. Thus, as the initial cravings are subsided, the body and mind learn to cope without alcohol.


Life style changes:

  1. Enrol in a fitness programme.
  2. Else, learn yoga and do it on a regular basis.
  3. Practise meditation for a few minutes, every day. While doing meditation, reaffirm your commitment towards healthy and abstinence from alcohol.
  4. Practise positive affirmations, early in the morning that you would stick to your goal. This helps you continue on the difficult track.

Ultimately, when a person quits alcohol, it is not only the person who is benefitted physically and mentally, his whole family reaps the bounties of a positive and healthy family atmosphere.  After all, an alcoholic too has a responsibility towards his family and the society at large.


Some tips to keep the bottle at bay:

  1. Quit smoking. This will nudge you to your next goal, i.e., to quit alcohol.
  2. Keep sipping water or apple juice whenever you get an urge to drink. This helps in controlling the mind from wavering from the goal.
  3. Think of your loved ones. That is enough motivation to quit drinking.