Health Benefits of Ginger Root – Use it as Home Remedy

Ginger root, that aromatic spice, is full of medicinal value.  You are sure to become a great fan of this wonder herb, if you read about the innumerable health benefits offered by this spice.

It is used widely in alternate medicine and our ancestors had ginger as an ingredient in many a home remedy.  Ginger can be used to make that tasty and aromatic tea.  It can be also  used to improve the flavour of soups and curries.

Let us read on to understand the wonders of this spicy herb:

Aids digestion:

To avoid the consequences of a large meal, drink ginger tea immediately after the meal. To prepare this delicious tea, crush ginger and add to boiling water.  Simmer for ten minutes.  Strain the liquid, add some jaggery and a little lemon juice.  Drink it hot.

Ginger, being rich in gingerol, an anti-inflammatory compound, helps fight acidity, gas and flatulence.  It aids digestion and eliminates stomach discomfort.

Eases Joint Inflammation:

Make a thick paste out of ginger root and apply this on the swollen / painful joint.  This reduces the swelling and pain caused due to arthritis.

Research found that the compounds found in ginger were very similar to the anti-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs  which are often prescribed in  allopathic medicine for sore joints and muscles.

Also, regular intake of ginger through food or as a tea, helps patients, especially those in the preliminary stages of joint diseases.

A regular massage with the oil made out of dried ginger  can also bring relief.

Aids to relieve menstrual discomfort:

For many women, monthly periods are synonymous with unbearable abdominal pain.  For all those women, drinking ginger tea regularly, can help bring sure relief.

So, every time, you feel the pain seeping through the abdomen, reach out for that strong ginger-jaggery tea!

Relief from cold, cough and sorethroat:

A strong ginger tea with added honey helps to get relief from cold and cough.  It provides a soothing relief to a sore throat as you slowly sip the hot ginger tea.

For incessant cough, remove the peels of a little piece of ginger, wash it thoroughly and start chewing it slowly, swallowing the juices, therefrom.  This averts bouts of cough and thus the possible strain to the vocal cards.

To curb infections :

A paste of fresh ginger can safely be applied on minor burns, cuts or bruises.  Ginger being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, it prevents the spread of infection in the affected area.

Get rid of that nagging headache:

Keep a paste of ginger, handy.  Do not go for the readymade ones.  Grind it yourself and preserve it in the fridge in a glass container.  Whenever the slightest symptom of headache arises, just apply the paste on the temples /  forehead and relax.  Ginger acts by preventing the contraction of muscles and relaxes the blood vessels in the area of pain.  This, in turn, relieves pain.

Ginger’s war against cancer:

Research studies found that ginger extracts were very effective in killing cancer cells pertaining to ovarian and breast cancer.  These extracts not only killed the cancerous cells but also prevented further proliferation of such cells.  And the best part is that they did not affect the normal functioning of the healthy cells.

All this goes to prove the efficacy of ginger root in treating various types of cancer.

Diabetic health:

Being low in glycemic index, ginger is highly recommended for diabetics.  Of course, they should stick to the dosage advised by their doctor.

Ginger slows down the absorption of sugars by the body.  It also creates better sensitivity to insulin production.  It prevents diseases of kidney, foot and eyes, which uncontrolled diabetes can often cause in patients.