Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a herbal tea and is a native of China.  However, the entire world has woken up to its health benefits and hence, green tea has now become popular, everywhere.

Green tea is the unfermented tea which undergoes the least amount of oxidation during processing.  This helps it in retaining a lot of nutrients when compared to the traditional black tea.

Green tea is a rich source of many antioxidants.  It also contains vitamins like A, C, B, E and K.  There are also minerals like zinc, manganese and selenium in green tea.  It also contains polyphenols  and caffeine in low quantities which add on to the health of the drinker.

Let us see how we can improve our well-being by switching to green tea:


Fight overweight:

Drinking green tea is a good option for the weight-conscious.  It helps them to stay in shape.

For the obese, it helps by accelerating the body’s metabolism.  This helps in reducing the accumulated fats in the body.  Supplement drinking green tea with a tailor-made exercise routine and a balanced diet and see the amazing results on your body.


Lowers blood pressure /  heart ailments:

Research studies indicate that drinking green tea regularly lowered the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in people with hypertension.

It also lowers the amount of LDL (bad cholesterol) produced in the body.  This, in turn helps in heart health.


Good for diabetics:

Drinking green tea slowed down the rate of absorption of glucose  by the body.  This benefits diabetics who are often subject to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

Research studies say that drinking green tea is especially beneficial for patients suffering from Type II diabetes.


Drinking green tea hydrates the body.  Did you know that even a little drop in the hydration levels shows off dramatically on our bodies? Proper hydration through water, green tea and watery fruits and vegetables helps the body in maintaining optimum temperature, good digestion and efficient blood circulation.

Also, replenishing the body’s fluid requirement through green tea is a good idea as it has the add-on benefits of antioxidants and useful minerals.


Rejuvenate with green tea:

Feel tired, bored, depressed or simply lazy?  Make a cup of green tea, add a dash of honey and  sip it, in a relaxed way.  And the magic happens –  you are no more lazy or tired.  In fact, your depression and boredom give way to rejuvenation and energy, to face the day’s work.


Green tea for reducing wrinkles / acne /  sun burns:

Drinking a few cups of green tea daily, helps you to stay younger, longer.  This is due to the presence of antioxidants like catechins present in green tea.  They stimulate the production of collagen, the substance responsible for keeping the skin, elastic and subtle.  Adequate collagen production ensures that the wrinkles and worry lines do not show up for a long, long time, even as one ages.

Also, facial masks made with yogurt and green tea extracts ( do not throw away the green tea bags) applied on the facial skin help in reducing acne and acne marks.

Store some green tea liquid in your refrigerator.  Apply it, everyday, after work, on your facial skin, with a medicated cotton ball.  Regular application helps in removing sun tan.


Green tea for hair:

Making a green tea infusion, using about four  used tea bags, is a good way to promote healthy hair.  Use this as the final rinse after shampooing hair.

Green tea contains polyphenols and vitamin E, the vital vitamin required for skin and hair health.



Be moderate in consumption.  Drinking green tea is not advised in certain health conditions.  Consult the doctor before changing your preference to green tea!