Health Benefits of Honey as Home Remedy

As we all know, honey is made by the bees by collecting and amassing the nectar from flowers.  The art of extracting honey from honey combs and taking appropriate measures  to improve production of honey is called horticulture.

Pure honey has a lot to offer.  Also, it can be stored for long term without the risk of turning rotten or spoilt.  It has a number of qualitites  which make it a favourite and healthy source.  Mainly used  to add sweetness to any dish, tt is used as a spread on breads, as a flavour enhancer and as an addition to many desserts.

Coming to the medicinal value of honey, it is suggested as a health remedy for many ailments.   Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities too.  It contains antioxidants which promote health and curb diseases. Being rich in carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins and minerals, pure and organic honey are irreplaceable in the kitchens of health-conscious persons.

Let us have a look at the innumerable health benefits that pure honey has to offer:


Cough and cold:

Half-a-teaspoon of honey added to the same quantity of ginger juice extracted from a little piece of ginger, taken twice a day, once in the morning and once, at night, would help in reducing the bouts of cough and clear the congestion- causing phlegm.


For the eyes:

Dull and tired eyes?  There is a simple solution with honey.  Using a medicated dropper, put one drop of high-quality honey in each of your eyes.  This may cause a slight irritation but please persist.  Close your eyes and try to relax.  Very shortly, water would start flowing out of the eyes.

Honey cleans the eyes and prevents dryness.  Take care to wash the eyes thoroughly by splashing water on them continuously, after a few minutes of application of honey.


For the facial skin:

A drop of honey, applied regularly, on the face, works wonders on the skin. To do this, wash the face with plain water, pat dry, spread a drop of honey into your hands and massage the face with this, in a circular and upward motion.  Wash away with water after about 15 minutes.

Doing this regularly clears the blemishes.  It tightens the skin and helps in getting a youthful skin.  It also moisturises the facial skin.



Intake of a teaspoon of honey, everyday, is believed to promote immunity in children.  What’s more, they would like the yummy taste and would be ready to have it, without creating a fuss.

For those kids who do not like to have it as it is, it may be used as a bread-spread or mixed with cornflakes and milk, to which there is no need to add further sugar.


Cuts and bruises:

If you do not have the topical ointment handy, just go in for  a drop of honey.  Apply a little honey on the cut or bruise, to get immediate relief from pain.  Honey, being anti-bacterial, prevents infection in the site of cut.


Extract the juice from half-a-lemon.  Add a glass of warm water to this.  Mix about half-a-teaspoon of honey and gulp it down, in the morning.  Take care not to eat anything for the next half-an-hour.

Apart from improving and expediting the process of digestion and excretion, the combination of honey, lemon and hotwater, is a prescribed remedy to reduce obesity.



Beware of adulteration of honey.  Always insist on the organic variety or buy from sources which you are sure stock pure honey only.

Manuka honey has proven medical benefits.  If possible, procure the same.

Honey should not be fed to infants.  Follow the expert naturopath’s advice before starting to use honey for medical purposes.