Health Benefits of Lavender Oil as Home Remedy

Lavender oil is extracted from the aromatic  lavender flowers.  Widely used externally, lavender oil helps in bestowing a lot of wellness benefits on the user.

Let us look at the health benefits offered by this pleasant oil:


General Relaxation:

Because of its soothing aroma, lavender oil is used in aromatherapy.  The gentle smells relax the whole body when the oil is put to use by a trained aromatherapist.


Bugs and insect repellant:

Gentle application of this oil on the exposed parts of the skin, acts as a shield against bug and insect bites.  The smell emanating from the oil keeps them at bay.  Hence, lavender oil is a better topical application than those chemical formulae to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects.


Restful sleep:

Lavender oil is a blessing for insomniacs.  Put a few drops of oil in a  diffuser and plug on.  Play some  soothing music.  This combination is sure to induce a blissful sleep for insomniacs.

People who tend to suffer from sleeplessness should take care not to drink beverages like coffee or tea just before retiring to bed.


Relief from Joint pain:

Warm a little sesame oil.  To this, add a few drops of lavender oil.  Now, massage the stiff joints with this oil. Do this, for at least five minutes at a stretch.  This action helps in pain relief.

The massage with the above two oils can be done whenever pain flares up.  Regular massage promotes better circulation of blood to the affected joint and helps in easing pain.  Combine this with a light exercise for the joints.  This can be as light as walking for twenty minutes, every day.


Get rid of chest congestion and nose block:

Heat a few drops of lavender oil and massage this on the chest area.  Cover up.  This action helps to keep the chest warm and lessen discomfort caused due to congestion.

Similarly, a drop of lavender oil may be rubbed under the nostrils to get relief from nose block.

Also, rub a few drops of the oil on the pillow used by the patient. This would bring a soothing comfort for the patient as he dozes off to sleep.

Let the patient inhale the vapours, the waters of which have a few drops of lavender oil added.  This helps to bring relief from cold and nasal congestion.


Lavender oil for skin:

  • Rub a few drops of lavender oil on skin affected by eczema.  This would bring relief from itch and redness.
  • Some people get relief from acne too, by using lavender oil.  As a test, just apply a drop of lavender oil on one pimple.  If the results are satisfactory, then you may use it on the rest of the affected skin.
  • Apply lavender oil on cuts and bruises suffered on the skin surface.  This oil has some anti-bacterial properties which help in stopping the spread of infection.
  • Include a few drops of lavender oil in your night skin lotion and apply, as usual, before retiring to bed.  Lavender oil helps to keep the skin supple and well-moisturised.
  • While using lavender oil for skin, ensure that you buy good quality oil.


Lavender oil for hair:

  • Lavender oil may be heated and applied, in combination with pure coconut oil, on the scalp. Do a gentle massage with your finger tips so as to ensure that the oils seep into your scalp. Regular application of this, helps in warding off hair problems like dandruff and dryness.
  • Wash hair with mild herbal shampoo after about an hour of application of oil on the scalp.



  • Lavender oil should never be used, internally.
  • Even external use is prohibited in patients suffering from certain conditions.