Health Benefits of Lemon as Home Remedy

Lemon belongs to the citrous family.  The small, yellow fruit is known for its tangy and tart taste.  Loaded with vitamins like C and B6 and minerals like potassium and calcium, lemons contain antioxidants, powerful enough to ward off many ailments.

Let us look at a few out  of the innumerable benefits, the humble lemon has to offer:


  • Beat the heat:

A hot summer day?  Go for that cool lemonade.  To make it yourself, squeeze the juice of half-a-lemon in a glass of ice-chilled water.  Add sugar as per taste, mix well and drink.  This is one sure-shot remedy to avoid the effects of dehydration by the sun.


  • Ward off nausea and travel sickness:

Feeling nauseous?  Are you suffering from travel sickness?  Drink the juice of half-a-lemon diluted with enough water.  It brings instant relief.   While travelling, carry a ripe lemon and make a slight slit in it.  Whenever you feel nauseous, inhale the refreshing smell from the lemon.  It’ll make you forget that you felt like puking!


  • Shed those extra kilos:

There is very easy and ancient remedy to fight obesity.  At the start of each day, take out the juice from half-a-lemon, add warm water, mix half-a-teaspoon of organic honey, gulp it down and set off for your regular morning walk.

This routine helps you in easy shedding of those extra pounds around the waist and elsewhere too.


  • Promote digestion:

Lemons help in proper digestion.  Hence, our elders invariably advised us to eat lemons, in a pickled form at the end of a meal. Lemons have some fibre in the form of pectin, in them.  This enables to bind the toxic wastes in the stomach and intestines.

Also, drinking hot lemon juice (without the added sugar) helps in kicking off the bowel movements.


  • Regulates blood pressure:

Do you suffer from low blood pressure?  Extract the juice from half-a-lemon, add a pinch of iodised salt and drink it.  It helps to restore normalcy.

Also, lemon helps in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol.

Studies on mice revealed that the antioxidants in lemon reduced the incidence of heart disease like strokes, in them.


  • Say bye to anaemia:

Lemon contains vitamin C, whose presence is required in adequate level by the body to absorb iron from various food sources.  Thus intake of lemon helps anaemics in the sense that their efforts to eat iron-rich food is greatly facilitated by lemons.


  • Improve immunity:

Lemons are rich in vitamin C – the vitamin whose regular and adequate intake ensures proper immunity for the body. Also, vitamin C helps in rapid healing of wounds and infections.


  • Lemons for glowing skin:

Do you hate those  scars and blemishes on the skin?  Gently rub the lemon rind on the scars.  Leave on for 15 minutes.  Then wash off with water.  Follow this,  regularly,  to get rid of the blemishes.

Rub the lemon rind on the neck to get rid of dirt accumulated thereon.

Dry the lemon peels and make a smooth powder out of them.  Make a paste with lemon peel powder and rose water and apply this as a mask, on the face, once in a week.  This helps in bringing a glow to the face.



  • Lemon for hair:

Add lemon juice to a paste made of yogurt and soaked fenugreek seeds, to get rid of dandruff.

Add a few drops of lemon to the water used for rinsing your hair.  Lemon adds a glow and radiance to the hair.

It also helps in getting rid of dirt and flaky skin on the scalp.


Some tips:

  • Wash lemons well, before extracting the juice.
  • Keep lemons in hot water, for some minutes, before extracting the juice.