Health Benefits of Lemon-Honey Tea as Home Remedy

Lemon is a citrus fruit.  It has a tangy flavour and is used extensively for culinary purposes.  Honey, which comes from the honey bees, is the only natural substance that does not perish for a very, very long time.  While lemon is loaded with Vitamin C apart from minerals like calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium, honey contains iron, potassium and sodium.

A combination of these two powerful ingredients, in the form of lemon-honey tea is a powerhouse offering many health benefits.  Before looking at the health benefits offered by lemon-honey tea, let us know how to make this refreshing and nutritious tea.

Extract the juice from half-a-lemon and keep aside.  Mix the same amount of good quality honey into this.  Pour about one small cup of boiling water into this and mix well.  Your instant lemon-honey tea is ready.

Now for the health benefits offered by lemon-honey tea:


Colds and sorethroat:

Drinking lemon-honey tea provides relief from  conditions like cold, cough and sorethroat.  To get the benefits fully, have this drink, hot.  Drink sip by sip, allowing the hot tea to warm and soothe your sore throat.

Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.  Lemon is rich in vitamin C.  This enables them to fight the bacterial /  viral infection and restore health, rapidly.

To be a more effective cough remedy, use crushed ginger in boiling water.  Then, strain the liquid and add to the lemon +  honey combination.


Weight loss:

It has been an age-old practice to have lemon-honey tea, early in the morning, to maintain optimum body weight.  Obese persons can try the recipe of lemon and honey in hot water, to reduce the unwanted fat.

To get effective results, the routine of lemon-honey tea needs to be followed, with discipline, for quite a long time.  And to allow the process to happen smoothly, drink one big glass full of  hot lemon honey tea, every day, in the morning.


To kickstart bowel movements:

Are you facing the problem of a sluggish digestion?  Do not worry.  As the first thing in the morning, boil water and fill a big glass.  Add about half-a-lemon’s juice and half-a-teaspoon of honey into this.  Mix well and drink.  Relax.

In a few moments, this juice kickstarts the peristaltic movements of the intestines.  You’ll be happy to empty your bowels, smoothly and without any discomfort.

If done regularly, you can rid your body of problems like constipation, slow digestion, abdominal discomfort etc.

For smooth and radiant skin:


Lemon-honey tea helps in bringing back that glow on the skin.  Being rich in vitamin C and other flavanoids, the lemon-honey combination works to make the skin smooth and control any kind of skin infection.

Also, the vitamin C in lemon helps in adequate production of collagen, the substance responsible for the subtle and smooth skin.  Thus, by sticking to a lemon-honey tea routine, you can easily maintain your youthful skin and avoid problems of aging like spots, wrinkles, lines etc.


To boost immunity:

Lemon-honey tea, if had regularly, boosts the immunity levels of the body.  The powerful antioxidants in this combination work to eliminate the free radicals accumulated in the body.  This in turn helps in improving the body’s ability to avoid and fight diseases.


To ward off cancers and tumours:

Research studies suggest that lemon extracts have anti-carcinogenic and tumour-inhibiting properties.  Even components in honey are suggestive of inhibiting certain types of cancer.  Hence, drink lemon-honey tea to help you ward off lifestyle ailments like cancer and tumour.



Buy lemons from a trusted source.  Wash lemons thoroughly before use.  Keeping the lemon in slightly warm water, for a few minutes, before cutting it for use, helps in better extraction of lemon juice.

Buy organic honey.