Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from the tea tree.  This oil has proven antiseptic properties.  Its use, however,  is limited to external application only.  Internal intake of tea tree oil can be toxic.  The oil has many chemicals in it.  Terpinen and ceniole are two of the important chemical compounds.

The oil has a pleasant, camphor-like smell.  Let us look at the health benefits offered by the teatree oil:


  • To get rid of dandruff:

Warm a few drops of teatree oil.  Apply this on the scalp and other dandruff-prone areas.  Gently massage with your finger tips.  After about an hour, wash off using a herbal shampoo.  Repeat, once a week,  to get the desired result.

Dandruff is the result of dry and flaky, dead skin.  Regular application of teatree oil helps in moisturising the scalp and avoiding dandruff.

  • To get rid of lice:

Is your hair infested with lice?  Pick up that teatree oil bottle. Warm a teaspoon of this oil and apply on the scalp and hair.  Leave on.  Then using a lice-comb, comb the hair when lice would come out easily.  Also, after about half an hour, use the water in which a few neem leaves are boiled to take a bath.  Use a natural shampoo.  Comb the hair once again when it is wet.  The lice and their eggs, which are still stuck in the head would come out.

Repeat this once in a week for continued freedom from lice.  Ensure that you keep your hair healthy and dirt-free as dirt and grime attract lice from other human carriers.


  • To promote hair growth:

Simple and regular massage with teatree oil on the scalp helps in moisturising the scalp.  Problems like dry hair and dullness can be avoided by regular use of teatree oil.  Not only that, regular use helps in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.


  • For minor wounds and insect bites:

Apply a few drops of teatree oil on minor cuts and bruises.  Also, this oil may be applied on insect bites as a first aid measure.  Being antibacterial and antiseptic in nature, tea tree oil prevents the spread of toxics left by the insect bite, to the nearby parts of the body.

Also, it helps in curing inflamation and swelling caused due to bites.

  • For dry eczema and ring worm:

Apply a thin layer of warm teatree oil on the skin affected with eczema /  ring worm.  Teatree oil helps in getting rid of that irritating itch.  Also, it fights with the disease-causing microbes, kills them, heals the skin and prevents relapse.


  • To get rid of dark spots and acne:

Take a drop of tea-tree oil on a small, clean and medicated cotton ball.  Apply this on the blemishes and black spots. Regular application helps in gradual lightening and fading of the scars and black spots.

Also, the oil moisturises the skin and is one of the best remedies to nourish dry skin.


  • For oral health:

Add a few drops of teatree oil to warm drinking water.  Rinse the mouth with this mixture.  This helps in avoiding bad breath and rids the mouth of harmful bacterial.  However, take care not to swallow the liquid.


  • For chest congestion:

Application of a few drops of warm teatree oil on the throat and chest helps in relieving blocks and congestion.  Also, it provides relief from conditions like sore throat and breathlessness due to respiratory problems.



Be sure of the quality of teatree oil that you are using.  Always use the freshly bought one as the efficacy would be more.