Health Benefits of Water

Water is essential for survival.  We may go without food for weeks but we cannot go without water for more than a few  days at a stretch.  That explains the importance of water in human life.  Though a major part of the earth is covered by water, drinking water is a precious resource which needs to be conserved and used with prudence to promote health and well being.

As its chemical formula  indicates, water constitutes hydrogen and oxygen.  Yet, it is so vital for us to carry on our day-to-day activities.  More than 75% of the human body is made up of water.  We do not have the capacity to store water.  Hence, we need to drink water regularly.  On an average, a person requires 2 – 3 litres of drinking water per day.

If water is so important in our lives, let us look at the health benefits we get by drinking adequate amounts of water:

  • Hydration:

Water hydrates the body.  It keeps the body well-moisturised, both from the outside and the inside.  Lack of adequate water can cause problems of dehydration, the symptoms of which include dryness of the mouth, dizziness, dry skin, constipation etc.

Elderly people and infants and babies often suffer from dehydration.  Hence, it is important to get the daily requirement of water.


  • For proper blood circulation:

Drinking adequate water ensures proper blood circulation to all parts of the body.  Water enables the smooth flow of blood within the body.  When adequate blood is received by all parts, it means that all the parts are sufficiently oxygenated.  With proper oxygenation and optimum blood circulation,  the body parts tend to function well.


  • For regulating the body temperature:

Water helps in maintaining the correct body temperature.  This is due to the fact that drinking enough water helps us in removing excess heat from the body through perspiration and urination.


  • For flexibility of the joints:

Our joints contain synovial fluid which provides a smoothening effect on them.  As one ages, the quantity of synovial fluid decreases giving rise to problems like bone degeneration, joint pains etc.  However, by following some simple rules like drinking adequate water, it can be ensured that the supply of synovial fluid does not decrease with age.

Coupled with adequate drinking water, moderate exercise and healthy eating habits helps one to beat joint and bone diseases.


  • For healthy skin:

Water moisturises and hydrates the skin.  It prevents dryness and dullness on the external and internal layers of skin.  If you drink adequate water, you will notice that your wounds heal quickly and the scars left by wounds, vanish more faster.  The skin becomes more supple, elastic and more younger looking!

Also, drinking water helps in flushing of wastes and toxins from the skin.  Thus, it promotes skin health.


  • For healthy eyes:

Our eyelids contain lachrimal fluid.  This fluid is responsible for keeping the eyes moist and smooth.  Lack of adequate water causes dryness in the eyes which can lead to other problems like lack of tears, corneal infections etc.

Hence, drinking adequate water in one easy step to step up eye health.


  • For proper digestion:

Drink those 8 big glasses of water daily to get rid of problems of digestion including constipation.  In fact, one sure shot remedy for constipation involves drinking one big glass of warm water early in the morning.  The warm water stimulates the digestive organs and helps in starting the peristaltic movements.  This ensures proper bowel action.



Ensure the quality of drinking water.  Be sure that it is pure and not contaminated.  Else, you might be prone to water-borne diseases.