Home Remedies for Diaper Rash


Cornstarch has characteristics that suck-up the moisture and therefore treats diaper rash. It assists in reducing diaper rash by keeping the skin dry and decreasing the friction resulting from the diaper rubbing against the skin.

With warm water, wash the baby’s bottom after having removed the used diaper. Soak-up the excess moisture and let the skin dry naturally. Dust cornstarch powder on the skin before putting on a fresh / new diaper. Repeat, until the rashes heal.



Oatmeal contains protein that augment the natural shield of a baby’s sensitive skin. It also has a substance saponin that frees the skin pores from un-natural oils and accumulated dirt.

Mix a tbsp of oatmeal in warm water and allow the baby to splash around in it for a few minutes. Subsequently, bathe the baby with the same bath water. It relieves the baby’s tender skin and assists in healing diaper rash.



The urine once excreted, turns very alkaline after some time. It results in burning the skin in the diaper area. Vinegar evens out the acidic characteristics of urine.

Diapers designed for repeated use or those made of cloth, should be soaked in mix of one cup of vinegar with a bucket of water, after a wash. It restricts detergents from accumulating and banishes the foul smell, as well.

Prepare a diluted mix by adding a tsp of white vinegar and a cup of water. Clean the baby’s bottom with this mix while changing diapers. It resists yeast infections.


Baking soda

Baking soda has multiple medicinal characteristics, including treating a diaper rash.

Mix two tbsp of baking soda in four bowls of water and wash the baby’s bottom, gently patting dry afterwards and before using a fresh / new diaper.

Mix two tbsp of baking soda in a tub of warm water for bathing the baby in it and gently pat dry the skin afterwards.


Petroleum jelly

Another popular home remedy for treating diaper rash is smearing a thin layer of petroleum jelly on a baby’s bottom, each time the diaper is changed. It protects the sensitive area from irritation due to urine and feces.

While changing a dirtied diaper, clean the baby’s bottom using warm water and gently pat dry afterwards. Subsequently, smear the diaper area with petroleum jelly before putting on a fresh / new diaper for rapid relief.


– Breast-milk

Breast-milk aids in guarding against infections and relieves the baby’s soft skin. Additionally, it does not result in any allergic reactions that complicate diaper rash.

Gently, apply some breast-milk on the baby’s irritated skin on a need basis and enable it to dry naturally before changing the diaper. It results in a rapid healing of diaper rash.


Shea butter

Shea butter has vegetable fats that facilitate circulation, re-generate cells and heal rashes rapidly. It also has several medicinal characteristics that include antifungal / anti-inflammatory / anti-yeast qualities. It assists in guarding against and healing diaper rash.

Clean the baby’s bottom using a mild soap solution and allow it to dry naturally in air. Take sufficient shea butter in palms and melt it by rubbing. Gently press the palms, patting the shea butter on the baby’s affected skin. Allow it to be absorbed before putting on a fresh / new diaper.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is antifungal & antimicrobial by nature and therefore, may be used for treating irritated skin on account of diaper rash. In addition, it calms & heals the baby’s sensitive skin.

Coconut oil hydrates and thus, moisturizes the skin. Drip a few drops of coconut oil on the irritated skin in the diaper area, occasionally every day. In addition, drop some tbsp of this oil in the warm bath water for additional moisturizing. It assists in eliminating yeast like Candida that result in diaper rash.