Home Remedies for Dry Cough


Ginger too, like turmeric, has several medicinal characteristics and is used widely as a vital ingredient in many drugs.

The herb, ginger may be used by making small pieces of it for crushing, before boiling. A few drops of lemon juice and some honey may be added for taste. Consuming the strained liquid twice or thrice every day for a few days relieves congestion, sore throat and dry cough.

Alternatively, chewing on small pieces of raw ginger all through the day minimizes throat related disorders, including dry cough.



Like ginger, lemon too can offer relief from a dry cough. The characteristics of lemon decrease the incidence of inflammation and being a rich source of vitamin C, augment the immune system, thereby guarding against infections.

A method of using lemon for treating dry cough involves mixing two units of it with one unit of honey and subsequent warming. Consuming the output a few times every day or when the need arises, aids against a dry cough.

Alternatively, an option is to mix lemon with honey & cayenne, before consumption. It too is an effective home remedy against a dry cough.



Turmeric is a popular medicinal ingredient. It is used inter-alia for therapeutic treatment of throat related disorders, including coughs.

A technique of using this herb for curing dry cough involves mixing it with honey & peppercorn in equal proportions and boiling the mix. Cinnamon may be added for flavor. Consumption of this liquid after straining, for a few days cures dry cough.

Another technique involves preparing a herbal tea by mixing it in equal proportions of carom seeds and honey, according to preferred taste. Sipping this tea a couple of times every day for a few days also cures dry cough.

Yet another technique involves roasting the turmeric root and grinding it into a fine powder. Mixing this powder in water, adding a bit of honey and consuming it a couple of times every day for a few days’ guards against dry cough.



Onions are advised for therapeutic treatment of dry cough. Cut onions emit a very strong vapor that guards against cough and congestion.

A way to use onions for relieving cough is to take their baked juice combined with comfrey tea and some honey. Sipped every day, this combination offers relief from a dry cough.

An alternate way is to mix a half tsp of onion juice with one tsp of organic honey and consuming it, twice every day for a few days for relief from a dry cough.


Honey & hot milk

The combination of honey and hot milk offers relief from a dry cough and additionally the associated chest-pain, arising due to constant cough. This home remedy needs to be administered before going to bed for aiding sleep and reducing dry cough.

The medicinal characteristics of honey reduce the sensation of pain. It is advisable to consume a tsp of raw organic honey every day.



The nutritional characteristics of almonds pro-actively cure throat disorders including a dry cough. To benefit from almonds, soak four to five nuts overnight and grind them into a fine paste. Mix this paste with a tsp of butter and consume. Regular consumption of this paste guards against several throat disorders.



Garlic possesses anti-bacterial & anti-microbial characteristics and on their account has several medicinal uses, including those for dry cough. It should be added liberally to all cooking.

A technique of using garlic, involves boiling its two or three cloves with a tsp of oregano and adding a bit of honey to it. Consuming the prepared solution eases wheezing and relieves a dry cough.

Alternatively, chewing a crushed garlic clove with a few drops of clove oil and some honey also treats a sore throat, particularly dry cough.