Home Remedies for ED

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– Garlic

Garlic stimulates the blood circulation and it has allicin, an antioxidant that enhances flow of blood in sex organs.

Garlic’s benefits can be derived by consuming 3 – 4 cloves of it every day, over a period of 3 months. It is advised to fry the cloves in ghee derived from a cow’s milk, on a low flame. The ghee derived from a cow’s milk eliminates the heat from garlic, though it preserves its aphrodisiac properties. A remarkable difference can be noticed in sexual performance, after 3 months of regular consumption.


– Walnut & honey

Walnuts are dry fruits that significantly impact the health of masculine sex organs. They have iron and zinc that are vital for sexual performance. These nuts also optimize the performance of the male sex organ. Walnuts have an amino acid called arginine that enables the formation of nitric oxide. This compound enlarges the blood vessels and thereby facilitates more blood flowing to the sex organs. Thus, it aids in treatment of ED.


The potency of walnuts increases when it is combined with honey. It happens as honey too is an aphrodisiac that raises the nitric oxide levels in the blood. Honey also has vitamin B / vitamin E / zinc that are vital for sexual health and function. Swallow 3 ounces of honey apart from chewing a handful of walnuts every day for a noticeable difference. Follow with a glass of lukewarm milk to improve the performance.


– Onions

Onions too are believed to possess aphrodisiac properties and are thus, advised for curing ED. Onion soup might be prepared by cutting thin slices of it, put in a bowl of water and brought to a boil. After being allowed to simmer for a short while, it can be consumed. Onion soup is recommended to be taken before sleep. Alternatively, the onions might also be consumed raw.


White onions are believed to have a greater aphrodisiac effect. Onions have allicin, a natural blood thinner that facilitates the circulation of blood. As ghee too can improve sexual performance, it is advised to slice onions and fry them in ghee. It may be flavored with honey to increase its potency. Its intake is advised, every day before sleep.


– Lady’s finger

Lady’s finger has been long believed to have curative virtues that impact sexual performance. It is supposed to be a solution for sexual disorders, including ED.


It is advised to consume 10 grams of powdered root of lady’s finger & 2 tbsp of candy sugar in warm milk. The consumption is believed to cure premature ejaculation / thin semen / ED.


– Ginger

Ginger is believed to stimulate a rise in blood circulation and thereby cure various sexual disorders, including ED.


Consumption of 1 tbsp of ginger extract, 1 tbsp of honey and a half boiled egg is advised, before sleeping. Following this advice over a period of 1 month, assures a positive change in sexual performance.


– Watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds have several medicinal qualities. Their health benefits extend to treating cardiovascular disorders and various form of cancer apart from numerous other disorders.


Watermelon seeds have an amino acid citrulline that enables the formation of arginine. Arginine facilitates production of nitric oxide that dilates blood vessels and hence, addresses ED.


Watermelon seeds can be stir fried, stewed, pickled or even eaten raw to gain from their beneficial features.



Carrots are acknowledged for raising the levels of sexual stamina and vigor amongst men. To benefit from the goodness of carrots, it is advised to grate 150 grams and add 1 tbsp of honey. Together, the two should be consumed with 1 half boiled egg. The combine is believed to heighten sexual desire & pleasure, apart from addressing ED. This formulation is advised to be consumed for about 30 days to witness noticeable results.

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