Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

Fever blister is another name for cold sores.  Cold sores are a tiny group of blister-like skin elevations appearing on the face or inside the oral cavity.  These are, however, usually seen occurring on the lips or anywhere close to the mouth.  The skin surrounding these elevated skin areas will feel very tender to the touch, will appear red, swollen, and the lesions tend to open up after a couple of days to ooze out a clear watery substance.  The leaked out material harden up to form scabs a couple of days later.

Fever blisters are caused by the reactivation of herpes simplex virus type 1, that would have been in a dormant state, residing within the nervous system.  A fever blister outbreak usually will last for 8 to 10 days, by which time it would have healed completely on its own.  There are home remedial methods available to make the healing process more rapid, and to prevent any more future outbreaks.

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

For individuals who have already suffered from an episode of fever blister will know its warning signs, which are a tingling sensation, itchiness or achiness, or some form of a discomfort will be felt around the area where the blisters intend to appear.  It is at this point that home remedial methods should be given a try.

  • Apply an ice pack on the area of discomfort, keeping it in place for at least 10-15 minutes; and continue to apply the pack at spaced intervals until the unusual sensations ceases to exist.  Keeping the area cool will keep down the virus count and make the outbreak less intense.
  • Applying an ice pack will also work towards numbing the area, providing some kind of relief, however temporary it may be.
  • The skin where the uneasy feelings are felt should be left untouched by hands.  If any applicants need to be applied over them, do so with the help of a cotton swab.
  • Hold a used, damp tea bag against the skin where the blister is bound to appear.  Hold it in place for approximately 10 minutes, repeating this often through the day, to reduce the duration of the blister outbreak.  The tannic acids found in the tea bag contain antiviral properties apart from having an astringent effect as well.  So, by doing this, the amount of virus created, and the size of the blister can be reduced.
  • Take lysine rich foods like soy, brewer’s yeast, cheese, milk, eggs, chicken, fish, lima beans, and potatoes.  Lysine is a form of essential amino acid that has antiviral properties, and will help greatly in decreasing the duration of this fever blister outbreak.
  • Apply a thick layer of lemon balm ointment, which can be easily got from any nearby drugstore, with the help of cotton over the sore skin area.  Lemon balm has the ability to prevent the virus from attaching to the skin cells, from where they can replicate.  Regular application of this will also aid in reducing the recurrence of blister formation.
  • Similarly, pure honey may also be applied over the area, for this natural ingredient is also loaded with antiviral substances.
  • Improve hygiene levels, remain active and eat healthily to keep the immune systems functioning well, so that this condition is handled properly from within as well.