Home Remedies For Food Poisoning

Often, when one decides to consume roadside foods, they tend to end up with a case of food poisoning.  This happens because roadside stalls selling food products become contaminated very easily.  Food and water usually gets contaminated by either virus or bacteria, but there are other various factors as well that could cause food poisoning like – presence of pesticides on foods consumed in their raw form; presence of chemicals in drinking water like lead, etc.

Generally, a case of food poisoning will not need medical treatment, since it usually improves within a couple of days.  In the meantime, to keep oneself comfortable and to prevent from getting dehydrated, some simple techniques may be followed within the comforts of their home

Home Cures For Food Poisoning

For the first initial hours, it is recommended that the sufferer give their stomach some rest by avoiding eating or drinking anything.  This is because usually the person will not be able to keep anything down their stomach for long, even water.

They should then slowly progress to taking in water in small sips at regular intervals, or even consuming clear soda or broth is sufficient.  This is to make sure that the urine produced does not turn too dark.

Since the vomiting or frequent passage of loose stools can weaken the person, it is advised that they take good rest.  And if food poisoning affects the elderly, then oral rehydration salts (ORS) should be provided to them to replace lost salts, other minerals and glucose, so that they do not experience fainting spells as well.  These are easily available at pharmacies and come in sachets, which needs to be dissolved in one glass of water and consumed.

Some sufferers have found relief by consuming a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar mixed in equal parts of water.  Also, taking a mixture of applesauce blended with some amount (1/2 tsp) of activated charcoal in small doses will provide good relief.  Taking these in small doses at spaced intervals throughout the day seems to work the best for such sufferers.  Their consumption can be stopped once symptoms cease to be observed any more.

Blend one tablespoon each of activated charcoal powder, slippery elm and carob powder in some amount of honey. Consuming this followed by 8 ounces of lukewarm water, during an episode of food poisoning will get the toxins out, which gets absorbed by the charcoal, and eliminated out with the help of the slippery elm.  The carob powder will assist in the healing process.

If no more food poisoning symptoms are observed, then bland foods that are low in fat and are easy to digest can be consumed.  However, these will need to be stopped if nausea or vomiting occurs.  Foods high in spice, or which are extremely fatty, or those that are overly processed and dairy products should be strictly avoided during an episode of food poisoning, and even after recovering from it for some days.

If vomiting or diarrhea is really severe, then seeking medical assistance as soon as possible is advised.