Home Remedies For Foot Fungus

A skin infection can occur anywhere on a human body; even the feet do not get spared from this.  An infection occurring in the webbed spaces of the toes, or soles of the feet, is usually brought on by a fungus.  It is medically termed as athlete’s foot.

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What is Foot Fungus?

Fungus flourishes in a humid environment that is relatively warm and dark.  A person active in sports, generally will contract this infection causing parasites from their place of workouts, like the gym, swimming pool; or can even come in contact with the microorganism in locker rooms, especially from contaminated socks and clothing.  When the person develops the infection, the affected area will have small reddened skin elevations, that will appear scaly and feel itchy.  Sometimes, they may ooze out a watery substance and end up as open wounds, especially when the skin begins to peel.

In some, only extreme dryness of the skin will be noted, but with itchiness or burning sensations present.  This is contagious; however, some people are lucky enough not to develop any kind of an infection even after coming in contact with the microorganism.

The treatment process will be determined largely by how severe the infection is.  For a mild case of foot fungus, home remedial methods are sufficient to provide relief.

Home Cures For Foot Fungus

Following are some natural cures for athlete’s foot or more commonly known as foot fungus.  Try out these and see which gives out the best results.

  • Soak the foot in a tub of warm water to which about 2 teaspoons of salt has been added.  Let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes.  Repeat this process at spaced intervals until the foot completely heals.  The salt will dry out the moisture from the area where the fungus seems to be thriving.
  • Instead of salt, mustard powder may be sprinkled into the water or a few drops of mustard oil may be added to it.  Mustard will effectively destroy the fungus.
  • Make a fine paste by blending 1 tablespoon of soda bicarbonate in enough water, and rub this all over the foot, not missing even the spaces that unite the toes to each other.  Rinse in cold water after sometime and dry the foot thoroughly.
  • Plain natural yogurt has a good count of healthy bacteria that will help in keeping the fungal growth in check.  Apply this generously over the affected foot areas and allow it to dry before washing off to observe relief.
  • Similarly, apple cider vinegar, garlic paste, or raw honey can be applied over the affected areas to cure the fungal infection.  Their application will have to be done maximum 3 or 4 times in a day to reap its benefits.
  • This fungal infection can spread rather rapidly to other body areas, like the groin.  Thus, it is important to ensure that its spread is prevented by following good hygiene.  Hands must be washed thoroughly after handling soiled socks, the infected foot, and even the footwear.  Wear socks at all times whenever possible.  Also, to avoid spreading the fungus especially to the groin areas, put the socks on first and then wear undergarments.