Home Remedies For Flu

Symptoms of flu have a tendency to show up several days after the person has been exposed to the flu virus.  Increase in body temperatures are a sign that the system is trying to fight against the virus.  The runny nose happens in an attempt to get the germs out of the body, and coughing – to clear the breathing passages off mucus secretions.

This is a very common ailment that can be taken care of well with self care methods.  A visit to the doctor because of this should be done only if the condition is real severe or does not seem to relieve even after following some home remedies for several days.

Following Are Some Tips to Treat A Flu At Home

REST – Take off from office work for a couple of days and give your body plenty of rest.  The sufferer will begin to feel tired and fatigued because the body will focus most of its strength in getting rid of the virus causing their illness.  And getting sufficient amount of rest and sleep will boost the immune system in fighting off the infection in an effective manner, giving out desired results much quicker than expected.

For the first initial days of the infection, it is best not to carry out their daily exercise routine.  This will overtax their already fatigued body, making them feel more sick and tired.

STAY WARM – Wear warm clothes even when indoors, for feeling the chills is a common symptom of flu.  Wearing layers of clothes will provide the sufferer great comfort.  Wear socks and gloves if the person feels real cold.

EAT AND DRINK WELL – Consume plenty of hot liquids for this will help in keeping the respiratory passages clear, by thinning out the mucus production.  Having healthy foods will provide the body all that energy it will need to battle against the virus.  Eat more of infection fighting foods, like carrots, lemons, peppers, onions, horseradish, green tea, etc.  Also, meals should preferably be eaten while still hot.

If the person is unable to sleep at night because of the increased congestion, prepare some herbal tea, add to it a teaspoon of honey, a small measure of bourbon or whiskey and sip this before retiring to bed.

HYGIENE – Follow good hygiene and never skip bathing, however sick they may be feeling.  Take warm showers, and use fresh tissues to blow whenever there is a runny nose.  Try not to sniff mucus back into the nasal passage.  Discard used tissues appropriately to avoid the spread of virus.

Gargle at regular intervals using a warm saline solution to relieve throat itchiness.  Also, this can be used to rinse the nasal passages for clearing out the congestion.

Wash hands with a disinfectant before and after handling objects, and also before meals is recommended.

However, if any of the following symptoms are being experienced by them, like –

  • Confusion
  • Sudden shortness of breath
  • Increased body temperatures even after 3 consecutive days
  • Chest pain or pressure
  • Discolored expectorate

– then it is best that the sufferer seek immediate medical attention.