Home Remedies For Gum Pain

The gum envelope soft tissues which surround the narrow ends of the teeth, and covers the alveolar part of the jaws.  They are more like a protective barrier for the teeth and its surrounding structures.  If one needs to have a strong and healthy set of teeth, it is also vital to have healthy gums.

When problems in the gum occur, it will result in immense pain.  Any infection occurring deep inside the gum pockets will cause swelling, inflammation and pain.  Gums when healthy, will appear pinkish; when damage to the gum tissues happen, it will appear bright red, look swollen and may even bleed with stimulation, like brushing.

Gum problems happen more when there is a shift in the balance of oral bacteria seen.  Bacterial presence in the oral cavity is crucial for maintaining its well being.  But when they continue to adhere to the gums and teeth in the form of plaque, and harden into tartar, then an environment is set for inflammation and pain to strike.

Home remedies may be followed to help in relieving minor gum problems that are the cause for the pain experienced by any individual.  More serious causes will need medical expertise.

Home Remedies For Gum Pain

Rub the gums with little salt after the regular brushing and cleansing of teeth.  Salt has natural disinfectant properties, and helps in pulling fluid from within the gums if there is any swelling present as well.  However, avoid using salt every day, for this can soften the tooth enamel and make it more susceptible to chipping and wearing.  Instead, use it three times in a week, and continue its use even after the gums have healed, so that any future episode of gum pain may be prevented.

  1. Make a paste out of crushed ginger and salt and apply over the area twice in a day.  Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. The use of clove oil to be rubbed on the sore gum spot is recommended if the pain is due to a bacterial infection.  Clove contains substances that will help in fighting off the bacteria.  Take a cotton swab, dip it in organic clove oil and hold it against the affected area for some time.  One could also rinse their mouth using some water that has been blended with a couple drops of clove oil.  Do this twice in a day until the pain subsides.
  3. Neem has been in use for ages to reduce the risk of dental problems.  Its use can also help in decreasing inflammation of the gums, and reducing plaque formation.  Neem oil can be applied over the sore gum area using a cotton swab twice in a day for gum pain relief.
  4. Avoid the use of chemical or alcohol based mouthwashes while experiencing gum pain.  Also, use a soft bristled brush and organic toothpastes for regular dental cleansing, to prevent worsening the problem any further.
  5. Chewing only on one side more often and taking in too much to be chewed on, can lead to gum pain when it is done more too often.  So, make a conscious effort to use both sides of teeth while chewing, and avoid stuffing the mouth with food, no matter how much in a hurry the person may be.

Get medical help if pain persists for more than a week.