Home Remedies For Head Lice

School going children are prone to developing this very reoccurring problem known as lice infestation.  Children from any social and economic background can go through this very disturbing scalp problem.  It is a problem that adults can go through as well.

What Are Head Lice?

The head lice are flat bodied parasitic insect, wingless, that feed on warm blood, and found usually on human scalp.  These creatures appear more like sesame seeds, dark brown in color when grown into a full adult, with an ability to scoot with great ease.  Their eggs are referred to as nits, are very tiny, and cling on to the scalp hair quite firmly.  They reproduce rather quickly and an itchy scalp is what results from lice infestation.  Head lice spread in an easy manner by personal contact, or even by just sharing belongings.

Running a fine toothed comb through the individual’s scalp hair will get these pesky little creatures out, especially the fully grown adults.  So, if one has doubts of the presence of lice in their head, they should wrap a towel around their shoulders and run the comb through their hair, from scalp to the hair ends.  If any lice are present, at least one will get nipped out by doing this.  Some tiny ones may be seen on the towel as well.

Avoid using harsh, chemical loaded hair cleansers to get rid of these lice.  Instead, try some of the home remedial methods mentioned below.

Home Cures For Head Lice

  • Either use almond oil or olive oil to coat the scalp hair well. Then divide the hair into several sections and hold them in place using hair clips.  Run a fine-toothed comb through one section of hair after some time, working through all sections of hair.  Most of these creatures will get trapped in the comb.  Cleanse the comb in hot water now and then.  Follow this by regular shampooing.
  • Make a nice blend of essential oils to treat the scalp infested with lice. For this, blend approximately 15 drops each of tea tree oil, lavender, neem, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon leaf, peppermint, nutmeg, aniseed, and red thyme essential oils in 4 tablespoons of olive oil.  Apply all over the scalp, even behind ears and the nape.  Let this stay for a period of 12 hours before washing off with regular shampoo.  Prior to washing hair, run a comb to trap as many lice as possible.  Do this once in a week to observe beneficial results.
  • After regular shampooing of hair, rinse the hair with a delousing natural solution. For the solution, blend equal amounts of regular kitchen vinegar and water.  Coat the hair nicely with it, and then rinse off several times with plain water.  The vinegar will help in getting rid of nits, by dissolving them.

Use of natural ingredients on scalp and hair to get rid of lice, work by not actually killing them but by weakening them, so that they get easily trapped while combing.  So, combing hair is a must for total riddance of head lice.

Hair combs and/or hair brushes previously used by the sufferer should be cleansed well and soaked in hot water for approximately 10 minutes to totally get rid of any remnants.  Towels and any items, like hats, scarves, clothing or linens that have come in contact with the sufferer’s head should be washed thoroughly and dried in a hot drier.