Home Remedies For Hives

When a skin rash appears in obvious places, it can be uncomfortable, unappealing, and a very irritating problem.  In usual cases, the skin coming in contact with some kind of a substance for a prolonged period of time is what triggers the rashes on skin.  Almost all types of skin rash will show signs of abnormal redness, irritating sensations like itchiness or burning, and sometimes swelling even.  A type of allergic disorder resulting in skin rash is known as hives, or in the medical world, as urticaria.

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What Is Hives?

Urticaria, or more commonly, hives is a kind of an allergic reaction characterized by angry red, raised patches of skin accompanied by intense itchiness.  Its occurrence is almost always sudden, and can affect any body area, even the throat, tongue, lips, ears, etc.  The rash can last just for a couple of hours or for an indefinite number of days, and may fade away on its own.  The size of the area covered by the rash can also vary, ranging from the size of a button to a football.  It is also possible for several small patches to get linked and form into one big patch.

Hives is in response to a certain substance that the person has developed an allergy to – it could be an insect bite, some type of food ingredients, or to a certain group of medicines.  In such a situation, the body releases a substance known has histamine that causes muscle contractions, capillary dilatation, and provoke secretion of stomach acids as well.

While one is waiting for the symptoms of hives to recede, there are some natural curative methods that could be followed, to observe a faster recovery from it.

Home Remedies For Hives

The obvious solution for this will be to avoid the triggers.  However, identifying them is what will be difficult.  For this, it is important to be aware of its usual triggers, which are foods, – peanuts, strawberries, milk, chocolate, seafood, eggs, and sometimes tomatoes even.  It could also be food additives, like – flavoring or coloring agents, preservatives, stabilizers and so on.  Starting on a new group of medicines could also be the cause for some.  Insect bites, stress; then extremes of temperatures, real hot or real cold surroundings can cause hives as well.  Thus, when hives appear, it is advised that the person reflect back on the earlier events sequence-wise to try and pinpoint what may be its exact triggers.  If one is successful in this, then they avoid them like the plague.

  1. Apply witch hazel extracts over the rashes to observe some kind of relief.  This natural herb contains properties that have an astringent effect on skin, and may help in shrinking blood vessels closer to the skin’s surface, so that not much histamine compounds are released.
  2. For instant relief from itching, if it is really severe and unbearable, make a paste by mixing a small amount of baking soda in few drops of water.  Apply the paste over the welts to reduce the irritating sensations felt.
  3. In case the hives is not in response to cold temperatures, then apply cold packs over the irritated areas on a frequent basis for relief.  Cold will work by shrinking the blood vessels and decreasing histamine release.
  4. Take one-quarter cup of brown sugar, three-quarter cup of vinegar, and one full tablespoon of fresh ginger paste.  Blend all these ingredients well along with some amount of warm water and apply over the hives several times through the day for relief.

If hives affect any of the sense organs, like the eyes, throat, tongue, and the person develops difficulty breathing, or begins to feel dizzy or woozy, then seek medical help immediately.