Home remedies for Itchy Feet – Pruritus Cure

Itchy feet also called pruritus, refers to a condition in which there is  a tickling or irritating sensation in the feet with an urge to scratch. This may be accompanied by redness, soreness, flaking or scarring in the affected region. Although most cases of foot itch are not of serious concern, itching feet can indicate underlying an skin condition or a disease. Water exposure, walking barefoot and exposing the feet to various irritants, bacterial and fungus infections can cause itchy feet.  Home remedies can be used to treat itchy feet and provide relief from this condition.

Itchy feet:

Contact with certain substances that cause allergies, atopic dermatitis, plantar dermatosis, psoriasis and certain medications like morphine can lead to itchy feet. Insect bites, infections, trauma, eczema, scabies and pinworms are other reasons for itchy feet. Walking barefoot on floors and swimming pools can lead to fungal infections like athlete’s foot in which a scaly dry rash occurs which is infectious. Diabetes and immune deficiency are risk factors for developing fungal infections. Cosmetics, dyes, detergents, industrial chemicals, plants like poison ivy or oak and certain metals like copper can trigger allergic reactions and cause an itchy foot. Itchy feet can also be caused by an increase in serotonin levels. Liver diseases, lymphoma and peripheral neuropathy can also lead to itchy feet.

The itching sensation in the feet may be accompanied by blisters, cracks, dry scales, rash, redness and swelling along with tenderness and pain. At times fever, cold and headaches, sore throat, running nose, stiffness of joints and sweating may occur.

Home remedies for Itchy feet:

Natural home remedies are found to be very effective in treating itchy feet.

  • Make a paste of baking soda in water and apply on the feet to get relief from burning sensations and itching. Let it dry and then rinse with water.
  • Soak the feet in warm water to which some salt is added. Salt can fight against fungal infections and help relieve itchy feet.
  • Make a mixture of ground walnut hulls and water and apply on the feet. This is a very good moisturizer and combats dry feet and itching.
  • After a bath make sure to dry the feet fully. Use a hair dryer between the toes to remove moisture.
  • Always wear clean socks. Do not use synthetic socks as they do not absorb sweat.
  • Wear shoes made of canvas or leather for air circulation. Try to avoid shoes made out of rubber or plastic.
  • Do not wear the same footwear daily. Dry it out to remove excess moisture.
  • Dust antifungal powder inside the shoes to kill fungus spores.
  • Do not walk barefoot in gyms or around swimming pools.
  • Tea has tannic acid which is a natural astringent. This helps to dry out the feet. Soak some tea bags in warm water and use it to soak the feet.
  • Yogurt contains good bacteria which kills the fungus. Dab some yogurt on the feet and rinse off after some time.
  • Mustard is also helpful in killing fungus and mustard oil can be applied topically on the affected area.
  • Mix tea tree oil with olive oil and rub on the infected area to combat itchy feet.
  • Aloe Vera gel can be mixed with tea tree oil and applied on the foot for relief.
  • Lavender has anti-fungal properties. Lavender oil can be mixed with any other oil and applied on the affected area for treating itchy feet.
  • Calendula is also a good remedy and can be applied topically for itchy feet.
  • Add some crystal salt to apple cider vinegar and use it to wipe the feet. This acidic environment does not allow the fungus to thrive and can help to treat itchy feet.
  • Oregano leaves can be added to warm water and used to soak the feet to get relief from itchy feet.
  • Neem oil is also very useful for treating fungal infections and can be applied on the feet.
  • Add some fresh ginger to water and boil. Then dab this solution on the affected area for rele3if from itchy feet.

Itchy feet is a very annoying condition. It is very uncomfortable both during the day during work and at night while sleeping. By making use of home remedies and with self- care itchy feet can be controlled and treated.