Home remedies for Joint Pain in Knees

The knee joint is a complicated structure and knee pain can occur due to problems in any part of the knee bone structure like the knee joint, the kneecap, cartilage or filaments of the knee. Knee problems are very common and occur as a result of wear and tear, overuse or injury. This causes localized pain or it may spread throughout the knee depending upon which part of the knee is affected and restrict movement of the knee. Knee pain can be very severe or mild and can affect people of all ages. However, using home remedies knee pain can be controlled and treated.

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Joint pain in knees:

Injuries like a fracture or a torn ligament can be a cause for knee pain. Trauma to the knee bone can result in a fracture which is very painful and needs immediate medical attention. Sudden stopping and direction changes can lead to ligament tears. The cartilage between the bones in the knee can be injured due to twisting of the knee. The knee can be also become dislocated due to accidents. Medical conditions like arthritis can lead to disability along with severe pain. Gout can affect the knee. In septic arthritis the knee joint becomes infected causing swelling, fever and pain. Chronic overuse of the knee like running or cycling can lead to the inflammation of the Patellar tendons which connect the kneecap to the bones in the lower leg. Osteoarthritis is a condition which causes wearing down of the cartilage due to age and use. Any change in the walking style can affect the biomechanics of the knee joint and cause pain and injury. Obesity increases the stress on the knee and may cause the cartilage to break down faster. Repetitive movements due to exercises or working conditions can also cause the cartilage to break down leading to pain. A painful and unstable knee can create difficulties in walking, limping, inability to bend the knee, swelling and redness and inability to bend the knee.

Home remedies for joint pain in knees:

Natural home remedies can be used at home to treat knee pain and ease the symptoms.

  • Tea made with ginger and turmeric can be consumed to get relief from knee pain. Turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties which can lower the enzymes causing inflammation.
  • Epsom salts have magnesium sulfate which can provide pain relief. Soak the knee in warm water to which Epsom salts are added.
  • Include more magnesium in the diet. Eat spinach, nuts and legumes. Magnesium oil can also be rubbed on the joint.
  • Massage the area with olive oil to get relief from knee pain.
  • Dandelions have high levels of vitamin and C and can repair damaged tissues. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Consume a tea made with dandelion leaves to treat knee pain.
  • Blackstrap molasses are very effective in treating arthritis and joint pain. Add a tea spoon of the molasses in warm water and drink daily.
  • White willow bark can be made into a tea and consumed for pain relief.
  • Exercise daily as this keeps the weight under control and strengthens the muscles which support the joints. If the knee is kept stationary it can stiffen the joint further and therefore exercise helps. Tai chi is an exercise which improves balance and flexibility and can be practiced.
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus oils can be used to massage the affected area as they soothe discomfort and provide pain relief.
  • Juniper berries are very helpful for treating pain due to arthritis.
  • For knee pain due to injury first rest, then apply an ice pack over the affected area. Use a compression bandage and keep the area elevated.
  • Apple cider vinegar can help to treat knee pain. It can dissolve the mineral build-ups within the knee joint and provide lubrication. It can be consumed along with water or used as a soak.
  • Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which relieves the pain. A paste of cayenne pepper can be made with olive oil and applied on the knee.


Knee pain is a very disturbing condition as it affects the mobility of the person. It prevents the person from performing all the activities of his choice and causes restrictions. Using home remedies and preventive measures knee pain can be controlled and treated.