Fenugreek,Honey and Cinnamon,Cardamom as Home Remedies for  Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone in the human body.  It is especially associated with male health.  It supports the reproductive ability of males.  The level of this hormone is highest during adulthood and it gradually decreases as one ages.  This hormone also helps in building muscle mass, proper body development and appropriate bone density.

Low levels of testosterone can lead to a disease called hypogonadism in males.  The following are the symptoms that the testosterone levels are low in a person:

  • Stunted growth.
  • Growth of breasts in males.
  • Retarded growth of facial and body hair.
  • Low sex drive and mood swings.
  • Lethargy and inactivity.
  • Reduced muscle mass and bone density.
  • Depression and loss of self-esteem.

Now, let us see what are the causes for a low testosterone in the human body:

  • Certain genetic structures.
  • Over stress.
  • Obesity and physical inactivity.
  • Some underlying disease.
  • Sudden trauma caused due to accident.

Physical examination and certain blood tests, performed on blood samples taken early in the morning, are required to determine the testosterone levels.  Testosterone replacement therapy is advised depending upon the results.  However, this kind of therapy comes with certain side effects.  Hence, certain home remedies, which have proved to bring results, may be tried.

  • Fenugreek:
  • Soak a teaspoonful of fenugreek seeds in water, overnight.
  • In the morning, drink the water and eat the seeds which have become soft by morning.
  • Fenugreek helps in regulating testosterone levels.
  • Honey and Cinnamon:
  • Take half a teaspoonful of cinnamon powder. Ensure its quality before buying.
  • In a teaspoonful of honey, mix the cinnamon powder.
  • Have this powder, regularly, once a day, at a fixed time.
  • Honey contains chrysin which helps in non-conversion of testosterone into estrogen.
  • Cardamom: 
  • Cardamom is a very pungent spice and is believed to boost testosterone levels.  This is because it contains antioxidants and terpenyl acetate which regulate hormones.
  • Drink a tea made with cardamom.  For this, dry roast cardamom and store.
  • While boiling the water for making tea, crush the roasted cardamom and add to the boiling water.  Later, add tea leaves and sugar for taste.
  • Regular consumption of cardamom, in any form, is believed to boost testosterone levels.
  • Ginger:
  • A number of research studies confirm the testosterone boosting ability of ginger.
  • This aromatic spice can be used in any form –  raw, dry or powdered.
  • Ensure to discard the peels when using it raw.
  • Ginger can be used in various food preparations.  Even ginger tea can be made and consumed.
  • The antioxidant in ginger, glutathione, is believed to be responsible for increasing the testosterone levels.

Some easy tips to help maintain proper testosterone levels:

  • Get the regular 7 – 8 hours of sleep.  Do not compromise on your sleep.  A disturbed sleep pattern often affects the hormone production including testosterone.
  • Control your weight.  Research found that people who were obese had problems with testosterone.  Hence, try and reduce obesity.
  • Be physically active.  Include a regular exercise programme in your daily time table.
  • Reduce stress.  Stress causes production of cortisol, the anti-feel-good hormone.  This has an adverse effect on testosterone production.
  • Have a positive friends group.  Think optimistic and ward off negative thoughts.  Believe it or not, negative thoughts and ideas have a very bad effect on testosterone levels.
  • Eat proper food that is healthy and nutritious.  Include protein-rich food which helps in optimum growth of muscle and bones.
  • Learn relaxation techniques which help in calming the nerves and senses of the body.  This would have a positive effect on the hormones.